Holborn's Splint

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Holborn's Splint
Holborn's Splint.jpeg
Production information


2000 Bright Dust

Technical specifications


NLS Drive

Other system(s):

Distant Early Warning array (formerly)


One pilot



Holborn's Host


"This craft saw some strange action on Phobos, both planned and… otherwise."
— Jumpship Description

Holborn's Splint is an Exotic Jumpship once used by Holborn's Host during their missions on Mars. It was introduced during Warmind. It was available for purchase in the Eververse Store as part of the New Guardian Pack, included with the Predator Sun Shell, the Eon Drive Sparrow, and the Floss Dance Emote.


No! Wait, wait. You guys are just talking about what you can do with a ship that's WORKING. Lemme tell you something. You remember the early missions on Phobos? Okay, picture this— here, gimme that bottle. This bottle is the ship. So we'd taken damage—yes, the sunflower seeds, that's damage—and so we're entering the atmosphere and we're gonna have to touch down for repairs.

But here's the thing: the weapons systems are toast. Fine. Happens. So we're headed for the surface when we pick up this Cabal Troop Carrier coming down RIGHT behind us —this bottle can be the carrier—which doesn't have the most powerful weapons but, you know, it definitely can blow us out of the atmosphere. Plus forget putting down! So, Holborn's on the horn with us and he gives us this idea, really he ORDERS us: he guides the engineers through ripping out our Distant Early Warning array so we can turn the listening mics into a broadcaster, and we cripple all the energy grounding in the array. Then we're like, what do we do with this? And he has us just dump it out the back with a timer we got from the galley. It goes off under the carrier and—wham. Sends them into the ground.

He had us build an EMP device. In five minutes.

Jonas McConnaugh, Navigator

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