The Bandwagon

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The Bandwagon
The Bandwagon Jumpship.jpg
Production information




2000 Bright Dust

Technical specifications

Other system(s):

NLS Drive


One pilot


At least five passengers



Six Coyotes


"Because a group of coyotes is a band!"
Therin Vai

"I refuse to call it that."

The Bandwagon is an Exotic jumpship formerly owned by the Six Coyotes, a legendary fireteam exclusively comprised of Hunters. They were best known for being the first to scout the Cosmodrome. It was available for acquisition by Guardians from Eververse during Season 1 of Destiny 2.


Well, Micah-10 and Conar found three more Guardians willing to come to Coyote. None of them look thrilled to be here. I wonder what Micah's paying them. When I asked her if five Guardians would be enough to protect us from the Kings, she launched into a speech about how being a Guardian means protecting people no matter what.

I know what that means: "Five is not enough. Everyone here is going to die.

I could run. Same fantasy I've been nursing for years: rappel down from the eastern tallwalk, make for the coast. Conar says that tunnel I can see from the tallwalk—it's full of Fallen. Open spaces like the road are safer. With this information I could probably make it ten whole kilometers from the village before I'm killed.

That's four more than I could have otherwise. Maybe it's worth a shot.

—Diary of Himura Shinobu

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