Saint's Vocation

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Saint's Vocation
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NLS Drive





"A new chance. A new calling."
— Jumpship description

Saint's Vocation is an Exotic Ship obtainable from Eververse Trading Company in Season of the Worthy.



I regret that we must once again part ways so soon after your return. Knowing you are there to watch over the Trials assuages my concerns and is the only reason I feel comfortable departing on this urgent mission. I must leave you with a monition, though. Be forewarned, the former custodian of the Lighthouse was delving into dangerous territory. The Lighthouses are not what they seem. They may bring a ruin upon us that we have no answer for. They may also be innocuous, but you know their architects as well as I. Lean toward caution. I urge a careful eye and ear. Their final intent is not known to me.

I will return. I look forward to our reunion. Stay vigilant.

Yours, in time,

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