Unfinal Shapes

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Unfinal Shapes
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Eris Morn

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NLS Drive



Eris Morn


"Mine is not a final shape. She showed me that."
Eris Morn

Unfinal Shapes is an Exotic jumpship. It was available for acquisition by Guardians from Eververse during Season 4 of Destiny 2.



I took a slough of Hive chitin, and with my own hands, I bent it into the shape of a starship. I think you of all people might understand why. But it's more than just a reminder of the green flames behind my brow.

Asher, I saw a throne world built for the Light. Built with Darkness, of course, and the bitter logic of swords. But built for Light.

It made me wonder.

This will be my last letter for a long while. The Queen needs me more than the City does. And I need her. When she looks at me, she does not see an invalid, or a madwoman, or a burden.

She sees a Hunter.

She has pointed me at the true enemy, and with her help, I will see my quarry caught.

Clarity in action,
Eris Morn

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