Solar Sails

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Solar Sails
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Technical specifications


NLS Drive







"It's going to be a long, cold ride."
— Jumpship Description

Solar Sails is an Exotic Jumpship introduced during Season of the Worthy.


"What did they find out there?"

"Everyone's being tight-lipped. Whatever it is, it's important enough to drag us out here. We're not the only ones, either."

"Wish we were going to Titan instead. Hell, anywhere but Europa. Was hoping not to spend my summer on a frozen tundra."

"Hey, I get it. We just got a new pool. Now Dave's going to be stuck cleaning it."

"We'll have to bring the kids over when we get back. Hopefully this is a quick turnaround."

"Doubt it. This feels big. I heard even the old man himself is there."

"Crap. Really? Another one of his pet projects?"

"Aren't they all at this point?"

"I wish that guy would take a break."

"He's not happy unless he's broken some natural law and made us all complicit."

"I may start looking for other work."


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