The Tall Tale

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The Tall Tale
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Andal Brask


"Every story is true if you tell it right."
Andal Brask

The Tall Tale is an Exotic Jumpship introduced in Forsaken. It can be awarded through Bright Engrams, or it could be purchased through the Eververse Store as part of the Vanguard Dare Bundle, included with the Credence Weapon Ornament for the Legendary Hand Cannon Trust, and the Celestial Dome Shader.


When I got to the City, Tallulah Fairwind was waiting for me at the gate.

"Ho, Andal Brask," she said with that big grin of hers. "Micah warned me about you."

I said, "Warned you? I was dead, then I floated here. All I've ever done in my entire life is barf into the Pacific Ocean."

Tallulah slapped my shoulder so hard I actually died right there. My Ghost had to rez me. I was so embarrassed.

When I came to, she was crouched next to me. "Well, then let's add to your story," she said without missing a beat, as if she hadn't just murdered me. "Starting with some wings. I hear there's a Devil around these parts stole a ship that sings like an angel. Might need some refurb, but we can get that in Ishtar. I know how to sweet-talk the Library. She likes it when you tell her about the Never-Be."

"I don't understand anything you're saying."

She slung an arm around my shoulder. "Buck up, little buddy. It's not like we're gonna tap a Vex gate. Not yet, anyway."

And you'll never believe what happened then…

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