Shadow Trespass

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Shadow Trespass
Production information


Clovis Bray
Elsie Bray




2000 Bright Dust

Technical specifications

Other system(s):

NLS Drive
Dampened hulls


One pilot





Clovis Bray corporation
Elsie Bray


"Dampened hulls help avoid detection."
— In-game description

Shadow Trespass is an Exotic version of the Eon Trespass Jumpship designed by Elsie Bray, albeit advanced in age and decrepit in condition. Built during the Golden Age for war during a time of peace, it was designed with modified hulls tailored for stealth operations. It is available for Guardians to purchase from Eververse during Season 3 of Destiny 2. As the prototype of the ship was designed three years before Elsie's disappearance from all Golden Age records,[1] it is possible this was the ship she managed to leave on - hence the stealth modifications.


From the journals of Beatrix Danai, Pilot

Elsie Bray designed this ship—she was even at the naming ceremony. I wasn't the pilot of the ship back then. Back then there wasn't even a war to worry about.That was the Golden Age, and it's as if all anybody ever did was improve themselves, expand knowledge, build amazing machines, and eat lotus or whatever you do in endless paradise.

But I'll tell you what, those dark panels? Those avoid detection by other ships' sensors. Which kind of makes you wonder, why did she design something so great for war in a time of peace? Maybe for some people, perfection in the Golden Age meant developing something like perfect vision of just what could become of Humankind. Not all of it would be pretty.


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