Saint-14's Gray Pigeon

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Saint-14's Gray Pigeon
Saint-14's Gray Pigeon Full.PNG
Production information


2000 Bright Dust

Technical specifications

Other system(s):

NLS Drive


One pilot





"The name? Pigeons are the only birds left in the City sky. One of the many 'last things' we fight for. If you have a problem with that, we could step into the Crucible."

Saint-14's Gray Pigeon is an Exotic Jumpship previously owned by the legendary Saint-14. It was available for acquisition by Guardians from Eververse during Season 2 of Destiny 2.


Ship's Final Log:


I hope whatever you find in this place is worth it. My recommendation to install you as Vanguard Commander was not a gesture to stroke your ego. It was an order to stay and help the City achieve all that it could. An order you refused to follow. News of my demise will no doubt reach you late. I can already see your response—the guilt that will follow, however fleeting. I thought you had changed after Six Fronts; that seeing your people on the brink of destruction and spared from death would be reward enough to stay. To fight. I'll fight in your stead one last time.


My duty is at its end. I've seen what the City can become. I know you can lead its people to it.

To my inspiration.

Your final gift to me I now send back to you. It will be good to see you again.


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