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NLS Drive


"::Everything is gone.::"
— Jumpship description

Tatarstan is an Exotic Ship obtainable reaching seasonal rank 90 in Season of the Worthy.


"OK, Red. Back it up. These 'Seraphs' you keep referencing—what were they?"

::They were all things to me. Everything I required.::

"That… doesn't help. What were these Seraphs for? These files suggest that you built and stored planetary combat platforms for 'seven Seraphs.' I thought the Golden Age was a time of peace."

::It was a time of peace.::

"This is a lot of firepower, Red."

::Swords keep peace.::

"And this armor—even a Guardian wouldn't turn this down."

::They protected me. I protected them.::

"The Seraphs are gone now?"

::Everything is gone.::

"So those blades you gave to the Guardians belonged to the Seraphs."


"You trust them?"

::Everything is gone.::

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