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"Welcome Guardian. My friend Eva Levante was kind enough to remind me that, even in times of crisis, people need levity and Light. And so I've proposed a new holiday: The Guardian Games. This is an opportunity for Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters to compete and demonstrate their unique strengths."
— Zavala, A New Tradition

The Guardian Games is a limited time Event in Destiny 2 where the three Guardian Classes (Titan, Warlock, and Hunter) compete to get the most points from May 3rd to May 24th. Eva Levante returns as the vendor for the Guardian Games.


"Isn't the Guardian Games podium lovely? Many people in the Tower came together to create it. That is where we will track the progress of your class across the event. The class banners will rise and fall depending on your place in the competition."
— Eva Levante, Guardian Games Registration

Despite the current situation, Zavala decides to set up a colorful event of friendly competition in the form of the titular Guardian Games in an attempt to help alleviate the stress of these circumstances and keep morale steady.

After speaking with Eva and Zavala, Guardians will compete with each other not only to win prizes, such as new items, gear and weapons, but for the bragging rights to see which class of Guardian is the greatest, superior, and/or most favoured.[1]

Each Guardian will receive a class item to adorn while taking part in competition. Bronze, silver, and gold medals will be available to earn daily, each of which will focus on specific game modes. To earn medals, equip your new class item, pick up laurels on the battlefield from defeating enemies with supers or abilities, and advance your quest for the medals you desire. At the end of the event, your daily placements will be combined for a final score. Depending on your team's standings, your class items will be locked to their respective placements for the remainder of the year.

The conclusion of the first Guardian Games[2][3] was met in the form of a statue added next to Zavala's position, and talking to him will give the following message:

Zavala gazes toward the podium as you approach. "The Guardian Games were hard fought, but ultimately the Titans took the gold with shield and hammer." He's unable to hide the glint of pride in his eyes. "This is a victory for every Guardian. Titans may be on top right now, but the Warlocks and Hunters will work hard to make sure we won't stay there. That strengthens us all."

"Now if you'll excuse me, I need to prepare." The smile fades from Zavala's face. "Lord Shaxx is eager to celebrate our win in the 'traditional Titan way'."



Guardians, Residents of the Last City, and their Allies





Vehicles, equipment, and technology

Weapons and armor


  • Emblems
    • A Good Sport (First appearance)
  • Emotes
    • Celebrated and Elevated (First appearance)
    • Faithful Pledge (First appearance)
    • Flip and Flex (First appearance)
    • Give Me a "G" (Multiplayer) (First appearance)
    • High Score (First appearance)
    • Hip to the Hop (First appearance)
    • Just Juggling (First appearance)
    • Low Score (First appearance)
    • Participation Trophy (Multiplayer) (First appearance)
    • Power Lift (First appearance)
    • Power Nap (First appearance)
    • Recognize (First appearance)
    • Reigning Champion (First appearance)
    • Represent (First appearance)
    • Stand on Ceremony (First appearance)
    • Torch Light (First appearance)
    • Water Break (First appearance)
  • Finishers
    • Knockout Punch (First appearance)
    • Shuffle and Scat (First appearance)
    • The Spins (First appearance)
  • Ghost Projections
    • Gold Medal Projection (First appearance)
    • Guardian Games Projection (First appearance)
    • Hunter Projection (First appearance)
    • Laurel Wreath Projection (First appearance)
    • Titan Projection (First appearance)
    • Trophy Projection (First appearance)
    • Warlock Projection (First appearance)
  • Shaders
    • Photo Finish (First appearance)
    • Pole Position (First appearance)
    • Rivalry Blacksand (First appearance)
  • Transmat Effects
    • Cherry Blossom Entrance (First appearance)
    • Contender's Entrance (First appearance)
    • Cyber Class Entrance (First appearance)
  • Weapon Ornament


  • This event is most likely inspired by the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, which was delayed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Laurels use the same tetrahedron model as Motes of Dark, coloured depending on the respective class who drops them (red for Titans, yellow for Warlocks, and blue for Hunters)
  • The class items are programmed to change colour depending on the placement of the player Guardian's class in a localised server; for example if Titans are in first place and Hunters second, their Guardian Games mark will be gold, cloaks will be silver, and so on.
  • The exotic Machine Gun Heir Apparent was added to the game as a reward for this event.
  • When talking to the Drifter as part of registering for the event, he will say a different line of dialogue depending on the player Guardian's class, staking a bet for whatever the player's class is.
    • "My money's on the Warlocks. I've seen you in action. The way you hold Light in your hands... Freaky. Do me proud out there, huh?"
    • "Well, you know my bet's on you Hunters. Quick. Sly. Real nasty with a knife. My kinda people, yeah? I've got big money riding on it."
    • "Titans are gonna take the whole damn thing. I'd bet money on it. Big money. Line 'em up, and a Titan will knock 'em down. Lived long enough to know that."


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