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Gambit Prime was an evolved form of Gambit which was introduced in Season of the Drifter and vaulted with the release of Beyond Light.


The playstyle of Gambit Prime is almost completely the same as its predecessor. Players kill enemies to gather Motes of Darkness, fill the bank, and defeat a Primeval. There are, however, three mechanics that set Gambit Prime apart. First, there is only one round played instead of two to three. Players must fill the bank with 100 motes - instead of Gambit's 75 - to summon the Primeval, and whoever defeats the Primeval first wins the match. Second, players can't simply attack the Primeval once it's summoned like before. The Taken Ultra will have an immunity shield around it, and players must find and kill Primeval Envoys that appear to break the shield. Once all of the envoys are dead and the shield is down, a Well of Light appears that grants the Primeval Slayer buff for increased damage. Players have 30 seconds to attack the Primeval, after which the buff disappears, the shield returns, and new envoys spawn to restart the process. The Primeval Slayer buff stacks each time a Well is created, so the damage boost increases the more times a team creates a Well. Lastly, motes can be stolen from the enemy bank and placed into yours if two or more blockers are alive on the enemy side. This allows teams to slow the enemy's progression while increasing their own.

Invasion in Gambit Prime works on the same principle as standard Gambit. Each time a quarter of the bank is filled, the Invasion portal opens. Players can enter the enemy side, kill opponents to deny motes, and steal motes for their team. Once the Primeval is summoned, the enemy team's portal opens regularly, approximately one minute after an Invader returns.

Prime Roles[edit]

Gambit Prime Synths listed from left to right: Collector, Reaper, Sentry, Invader

Gambit Prime players can take on certain roles to help the team summon the Primeval and win matches. This is done with perks that require points to unlock. There are 4 perks for each role, requiring 3, 6, 10 and 15 points to unlock respectively. To facilitate perk acquisition, players can acquire Synths from bounties and at the end of each match. Synths can be consumed in the inventory to provide 3 points to their respective role for 30 minutes. To supplement this, there are special armor sets earned by playing The Reckoning that also grant points for their respective roles. To get armor pieces, Synths must be converted into Motes to be wagered in the Reckoning. The armor comes in three stages, with each one granting more points than the last. Illicit Armor grants one point per piece, Outlawed Armor grants two, and Notorious Armor grants three.


Reaper Titan.jpg

A Prime Team's enemy clearing machine, whose focus is to create as many motes as possible for the rest of the team to gather.


  • High-Value Tracker - Requires 3 or more Reaper points. Damaging a high-value target or non-Primeval boss marks it and weakens it for allies.
  • Pinata of Death - Requires 6 or more Reaper points. Rapidly defeating multiple combatants drops Special Ammo for allies
  • Long-Lasting Flavor - Requires 10 or more Reaper points. Motes you generate have an increased lifetime.
  • Major Rewards - Requires 15 or more Reaper points. Defeating powerful enemies grants a temporary surge in grenade recharge rate.


Collector Hunter.jpg

The team's mote gatherer, who gathers and deposits Motes of Darkness to quickly send blockers.


  • Inheritance - Requires 3 or more Collector points. Drop a portion of your carried Motes on death.
  • Umbral Armor - Requires 6 or more Collector points. Rapidly picking up 5 motes grants an overshield.
  • Cashback - Requires 10 or more Collector points. Gain Kinetic and Energy ammo whenever you bank.
  • High-Yield Savings - Requires 15 or more Collector points. Carry up to 20 Motes. This enables you to send Giant Blockers to the enemy team.


Sentry Titan.jpg

The team defender, whose focus is dispatching blockers, fighting Primevals and defending against Invaders.


  • Umbral Strike - Requires 3 or more Sentry points. Multikills grant a damage buff against Taken. Clears when you damage a Taken combatant. Stacks up to 5x.
  • Safe and Sound - Requires 6 or more Sentry points. Standing near the bank triggers health regeneration.
  • Invader Tracker - Requires 10 or more Sentry points. Damaging an Invader marks them for your teammates.
  • Light of the Defender - Requires 15 or more Sentry points. You and nearby allies are granted maximum resilience, mobility, and recovery while in the Well of Light.


Invader Warlock.jpg

The team assassin, who invades constantly to delay enemy progress.


  • Assassin's Munitions - Requires 3 or more Invader points. While invading, ammo slowly trickles to your Kinetic and Energy weapons over time.
  • Lethal Defense - Requires 6 or more Invader points. Grants an improved Invasion overshield.
  • Killmonger - Requires 10 or more Invader points. Each Guardian defeated while Invading grants a temporary damage bonus once you return to your own arena.
  • Bank Robber - Requires 15 or more Invader points. Invading locks the enemy's bank. Stand near the locked bank to drain motes.

List of Maps[edit]

Destiny 2[edit]

Map Location Expansion PlayStation Exclusive Destiny Reprisal
Deep Six New Pacific Arcology, Titan Joker's Wild No Original
New Arcadia Hellas Basin, Mars Joker's Wild No Original
Emerald Coast European Dead Zone, Earth Forsaken No Original
Legion's Folly Arcadian Valley, Nessus Forsaken No Original