Primeval Envoy

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Primeval Envoy
Biographical information




Drifter's Taken




Taken Wizard

Combat information


Gambit Prime


Absorption Shield (SolarS.png or VoidS.png or ArcS.png)
SolarS.png Necromantic Gaze
Rapid Flight
Summon Shadow Thrall
High Durability
Guard Reclaimed Light (Gambit Prime)


Primeval Envoys are a type of Major Taken Wizard that appears in Gambit.[1]


In combat, Envoys fight the same as most Taken Wizards except with a massive damage buff that allows them to kill nearly any target in one use of their Necromantic Gaze. However, in return, they summon Shadow Thrall far less frequently, only doing so if no target is in sight.


In Gambit, two Envoys spawn alongside the Primeval and when killed, provide the team with a Primeval Slayer buff that enhances their damage output to the Primeval. In the current incarnation of Gambit, the Primeval is invulnerable until all Envoys are killed. Envoys now spawn at Fronts alongside other enemies and have a shield of a random element.

Gambit Prime[edit]

In Gambit Prime the Envoys served a different purpose, once the Primeval was summoned, three would spawn in a section of the map where ads would spawn during the mote collecting phase and guard a well of Light. Once killed the well of reclaimed Light would unlock and the team would then gain their Primeval slayer buff. This buff would last for 15 seconds after leaving the well. Each subsequent time the well is used would increase the Primeval slayer buff.

Named Primeval Envoys[edit]


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