Emerald Coast

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Emerald Coast
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Map overview


Destiny 2


European Dead Zone, Earth

Gameplay overview

Recommended number of players:


Recommended gametype(s):

Gambit, Gambit Prime


Emerald Coast is a Gambit and Gambit Prime arena located in the European Dead Zone on Earth. Based on the name and its location being inside the EDZ, it is likely based on the Costa Smeralda in current-day Sardinia, Italy.


You will spawn on the south end of the map. When you walk towars the center of the map, you find an old house's ruin. There is the Bank in the middle of the ruin, and the Ammo Drops are located on two pillars that are on the left and on the right of the Bank. The invasion portal is located close to the left wall of the ruin. Underneath the ruin is a little tunnel system, where you can hide from enemies or from the Invader. On the left side of the arena is a PVE area called "Trees". It is a rocky area with many trees which give this place it's name. The PVE area at the top of the map is called "Ruins". This area consists of two house's ruins. The right PVE area is called "Beach" and it is a little coast with a destroyed Cabal ship that crashed into the sand.

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