Defiant Battlegrounds

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Defiant Battlegrounds

Defiant Battlegrounds are three-player match-made battleground activities that were released with Season of Defiance, alongside the Lightfall expansion.

To access Defiant Battlegrounds, players have to complete the first mission of Lightfall. Nimbus will hand them an Ascendant Scepter as a gift from Mara Sov and direct the player to the Vanguard equipment that appeared at Strider's Gate, which will show a message from her and give the player a Quest. There is a playlist of Defiant Battlegrounds available from the H.E.L.M..


After the Black Fleet's attack on Earth, the Shadow Legion has begun taking prisoners among both the fighters and civilians. The Dark Cabal have set up several Prisons to house these captives, Amanda Holliday among them. The Coalition, coordinated by Queen Mara, Devrim Kay, Mithrax, Kell of Light and The Crow, follows the pilot's signal to one of these facilities. After freeing her, Guardian Fireteams continue these incursions into the prisons.


There are three versions of Defiant Battlegrounds, taking place in the main areas of Earth and its orbit. The players will use the Ascendant Scepter to open a portal to the Ascendant Plane, bypass the Pyramid warding, and return to the real world to infiltrate the prisons, fighting Shadow Legion and Taken forces along the way. The players will be able to light a balefire before they return to the real world and confront a prison warden. When the players reach the final boss, they will fight it until a third of its health is depleted. At that point, it will summon an immunity shield and fill the area with a Dark Fetor, which will damage players outside the safe zone over time. Players must light a balefire provided by the Ascendant Scepter in order to create a safe zone, and purify the essences of powerful Taken to bring down the boss' shield. This will be repeated twice before the Fetor dissipates and the boss is left completely vulnerable.

Defiant Battleground Location Shadow Commander
Defiant Battleground: EDZ European Dead Zone, Earth Warden Vincu'us, Shadow Legion
Defiant Battleground: Cosmodrome Cosmodrome, Earth Zatocc, Devoted to the Witness
Defiant Battleground: Orbital Prison Orbital Prison Ship, Earth's Thermosphere Bracus Kravaum, Shadow Legion