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This article is about the subclass. For the location in the Dreaming City, see The Strand (location).
A Warlock Architect

Strand is an elemental manifestation of the Darkness, in an equivalent manner as Stasis. It is a psychic energy that forms a matrix, a extra dimension that creates a web of "threads" that underlies reality and connects all things and minds in the universe.[1] It will be introduced in the expansion Lightfall as the second of the Darkness-based subclasses.


The Weave[edit]

The Weave is a extra dimension of psychic energy underneath reality that is a web of "threads" that connects all living beings and all minds together. Using the power of Strand, The Guardian learns to perceive, pull at, and manipulate the strings of this web to pull forth matter, sever connections to enemies, or traverse the environment around them.




Tyrant Titans use Strand to manifest large claws they use to spin and slash at targets around them using a super.

Threadrunner Hunters use Strand to create a Rope Dart out of Strand.

Architect Warlocks manipulate Strand using their minds to telekinetically pull matter out and form it into a barrage of projectiles that "unravel" upon impact.






  • The Guardian is the first known user of Strand, however it is implied that The Hive and Eris Morn are able to see the "strings" of the Weave.
    • During Season of Arrivals, Drifter also mentioned in a conversation with Eris that after eating an Acolyte's eyes he was able to see "Lights. Like streaks— Lines. Through the world".[2]

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