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"I believe the three Axis Minds found in proximity to the abomination were Vex machines built to serve as vessels for this power: a way to extend its reach across space and time, binding it to the Vex, and the Vex to it. If they had succeeded, I cannot begin to guess what horrors they would have unleashed."
Ikora Rey
Sol Progeny
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Sol Progeny





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The Black Garden


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The Sol Progeny are a triad of Vex Axis Minds located in the Black Garden, which serve as the vessels for the Black Heart; each reflecting a different era of the Sol Collectives.


The Progeny are individually named Primeval Mind, Imminent Mind, and Eschaton Mind, and they each bear a different head shape. They each appear as a lifeless statue until the Black Heart summons them to protect itself.[1] Unlike Zydron, these units are built specifically as vessels for the Black Heart, as tendrils of darkness can clearly be seen emanating from their bodies.[2] The Sol Progeny were already stirring before Guardians invaded the garden,[3] as The Speaker believes they were intended to be used to summon the reality-altering powers of the Vault of Glass into the rest of the system.[4]


  • The names of the three Sol Progeny - Primeval Mind, Imminent Mind, and Eschaton Mind - contain terms relating to past, present, and future respectively. Specifically, "Primeval" refers to the very beginning of time, "Imminent" means something about to happen very soon, and "Eschaton" refers to the theological "end of days".
  • The killcam labels all three Minotaurs as being part of the "Sol Progeny" faction, though individually they match the appearance of Sol Divisive, Descendants, and Precursors.
  • The Overmind Minotaur is labeled as being part of the Sol Progeny in the killcam, as is The Groundskeeper.
  • In the room where players spawn inside the Black Garden, another large Minotaur statue similar to the ones animated by the Black Heart can be observed overgrown with moss and vines. Whether this statue is affected by the destruction of the Heart is unclear, as the pathway back to it during the "Undying Mind" strike is no longer traversable.
  • The projectiles fired from the Primeval Mind's Torch Hammer are akin to those of a Cyclops.
  • In Destiny 2's first expansion, Curse of Osiris, Statue versions of the Sol Progeny can be found in between simulations in The Infinite Forest but with a yellow texture rather then the grey and brown texture of the original statues.


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