Val Aru'un

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"Enter as soldier, survive on the crushed ambitions of lesser warriors."
Grimoire description
Val Aru'un
Biographical Information




Broken Legion







Combat Information


Prison of Elders (Level 28 and 41)
Challenge of the Elders


Projection Rifle


Limited Flight
Psion Flayer Shield
Quake Attack
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Cabal


Val Aru'un is a Cabal Centurion and boss enemy encountered in the Prison of Elders. Although his promotion to his current rank will never be considered official by the Cabal High Command, Val Aru'un's fellow prisoners consider him to be a Val worth following.


In Challenge of the Elders, Val Aru'un will be protected by an indestructible elemental shield until the Guardian kills one of the three Psion Flayers running around the area, specifically the one that is channeling the elemental power of the shield. For example, if a Psion Flayer channels Arc power, then that one has to be killed; this applies with the others. Doing so will disable the shield and give the player a chance to unleash as many of their attacks as possible on him until another Psion Flayer channels another elemental power. Once all of the Flayers are killed his shield will be down for the remainder of the battle.


  • Val Aru'un's shield ability is somewhat similar to Valus Trau'ug's.
  • Val Aru'un is the first Val Ultra to appear in-game. Others later include Val Ca'uor.
  • In his Grimoire card, Aru'un's black and yellow armor looks exactly same as Primus Sha'aull's grimoire card armor in appearance.
    • Yet, in game, his armor color is white and yellow, just like Sha'aull in game. Like Sha'aull's case, this most likely is also a developer oversight.
  • In Forsaken, The Mad Warden calls out Val Aru’un’s name, but instead sends out a different Red Legion centurion. This is because the Warden "speaks" by playing old recorded speeches of Variks and is not a mistake.

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