Riksis, Devil Archon

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Riksis, Devil Archon
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Biographical Information




House of Devils


Ultra ((Major when reaching higher levels))







Combat Information




Shrapnel Launcher


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Summon Fallen


Riksis, Devil Archon[2] was the Fallen Archon of Sepiks Prime and a leader of the House of Devils in the Cosmodrome in Old Russia, known for collecting the skulls of dead Guardians as offerings to the Devils' Prime Servitor Sepiks Prime itself.[3]


Riksis serves as the boss in the Restoration story mission. He is armed with a Shrapnel Launcher for ranged combat, and has higher health and attack strength than normal Fallen, and drops an NLS Drive.[1] It is recommended that Guardians keep their distance from him, as once stirred he is unpredictably elusive and quick with a wave of power called the "Ultra Smash"[4], an extremely powerful area-of-effect melee attack that causes Guardians to suffer significant damage as well as tremendous knockback, unless the attack kills them instantly, in which it often does. He will also get support from other Fallen, as they will continuously drop from the ceiling after each wave of adds is killed. Guardians should use their class abilities such as grenades and Supers when fighting him, or just avoid him if they want to wait for a later battle. [3]


  • He was called "Rixis, Archon Slayer" in early builds. [3]He originally appeared inside The Breach before being moved to the Restoration mission.[1]
  • During the Destiny demo presentaion, upon killing Riksis, Archon Slayer, the player was rewarded with the weapon Thunderlord.
  • In the Destiny demo presentation, Riksis was fought inside the Breach but was moved to the Ship wreckage in the full game. Karrhis, Archon Rising replaced him inside The Breach in an "eliminate the target" mission in The Taken King.
  • Riksis's model is commonly used in most Ultra Fallen enemies later in Destiny.
    • In addition to this, Riksis is also the first Fallen to have eight eyes.


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