Karrhis, Archon Rising

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Karrhis, Archon Rising
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Patrol the Cosmodrome


Shrapnel Launcher


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"A great shadow grows darker near this area, Guardians. Use your light to cast it out."
Ikora Rey

Karrhis, Archon Rising was a powerful Fallen Captain who aspired to become the next Archon of the House of Devils. They were encountered within the Wall of Old Russia as the target of the VIP Patrol mission "Troll Patrol."[1]


Karrhis serves as the target of the "Troll Patrol" VIP Patrol mission, which can be found in the Divide area of the Cosmodrome. Once you have acquired it, your objective will be to head straight to the Breach, which can be accessed directly from the formerly-mentioned location. Upon arriving at your destination, you will find several Fallen occupying the room, and Karrhis will crawl out from the whole in the wall and slam the ground. The target is incredibly tall for a Major-tier enemy. They wield a Shrapnel Launcher into battle, capable of rapidly firing bursts of Solar projectiles that travel long distances. They also possess a powerful stomp attack, which is triggered when a player gets too close, and will deal a massive amount of damage whilst knocking them backwards. With all of this in mind, it is highly recommended that you clear out the other Fallen before dealing with Karrhis, as they will also attempt to swarm you, and their overwhelming firepower may result in you dying quickly. Fortunately, however, the target themselves is quite lacking in terms of health, and can be dispatched especially easily with the use of powerful weapons or Supers. Once Karrhis has been put down, the Patrol mission will be complete.


  • Karrhis fights and looks just like Riksis, Devil Archon.
    • However, intentional or not, Karrhis' armor has higher albedo than Riksis, making his armor appear far more silver in high lighting rather than white.


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