Omnigul, Will of Crota

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Omnigul, Will of Crota
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Fist of Crota
Siege of the Warmind
Will of Crota


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Door Lockdown

"That shriek, that wicked laugh. If you listen closely, you can hear power in its song."
— Grimoire description.

Omnigul, Will of Crota is an Ascendant Hive Wizard and the consort of the Hive god Crota; she is also the matron of the Spawn of Crota and the leader of his armies. She acts as the secondary antagonist for The Dark Below campaign, where she led the Hive in resurrecting Crota back to the material realm and raising an army to invade the City; both efforts were thwarted as she finally met her end by a fireteam of Guardians.


Ancient History[edit]

As the consort of the Hope-Eater, Omnigul served as the mother of Crota's broods through their progenation, acting as keeper of the brood's worms and his chosen Will.[1] At one point she demanded the death of an unnamed Wizard to replenish her strength; only for that Wizard to be raised to Oryx's court.[2]

Omnigul is also protected by the Might of Crota,[3] an Ogre of Crota's design that is deemed to be unstoppable even by the likes of the Taken Wizard Kagoor.[4]

The First Crota Team[edit]

During Eriana-3's failed raid upon the Hellmouth, Omnigul was present when she encountered Eriana and the Hunter Sai Mota at the World's Grave. Their Light siphoned and losing her knives to the Hand of Crota, Sai engaged the Hive matron armed with only the bones of fallen Acolytes.[5] Omnigul tore the Hunter apart forty-four times until only wormrot was left on her corpse to devour what remained of the latter's Light and Ghost.[6]

The Dark Below[edit]

Sometime after the destruction of the Black Heart, Omnigul departed from the Hellmouth for the first time in years; with word having reached Eris Morn about a plot to sabotage Rasputin and his Warsat defenses at the Seraphim Vault within the Cosmodrome. [7] She is encountered twice by the Guardian before fleeing; the first time during the hunt for Sardon, Fist of Crota [8] and again during the breach in Rasputin's bunker.[9] Whilst it seen to have failed to destroy Rasputin, Eris speculated that Omnigul has what she sought from the Warmind.[10]

Ultimately, Omnigul's efforts at bringing back Crota would be for naught as her summoning ritual was disrupted and her spawn hunted by Guardians, until she herself was left pursued by a Strike fireteam in an attempt to raise a new army beneath Skywatch. Despite her efforts at stirring the House of Kings against the Guardians, she was finally cornered at the Jovian Complex and killed, putting an end to her schemes. [11]

The Dawning[edit]

Shortly after the SIVA Crisis, Omnigul would make a brief return to Skywatch after having "undone" her death to continue her work, only to be swiftly killed again by the Guardian and their fireteam. Since Omnigul was capable of evading permanent death, Ikora remarked that the Vanguard will likely continue to face Omnigul as many times as it takes.


Following the discovery of the Pyramid beneath Luna's surface, the Hive under Hashladûn, a daughter of Omnigul and Crota, use its strange energies to create phantasm-like Nightmares. Constructing the eerie Scarlet Keep fortress near the Pyramid, Hashladûn aimed to use the Pyramid's power to exact her revenge against the Guardians for destroying her lineage. However, like her mother and father before her, Hashladûn would be defeated by the Guardians at the Scarlet Keep's highest tower.

Despite Hashladûn's death, Nightmares continued to appear across the system, with the stronger ones forming into some of the Guardians deadliest foes, Omnigul being among them. The newly formed Nightmare of Omnigul, Will of Crota, representing the Essence of Anguish, would become a target in the Guardians' Nightmare Hunts to contain the Pyramid's influences.


Omnigul is the only Wizard with an Arc shield instead of a Solar shield. She can summon Hive and casts poison with greater frequency. Unlike normal Wizards, Omnigul fires her Darkness Blasts faster and more accurately than normal. However, unlike any other Ultra class enemies, she can be blinded by flashbang grenades, Ward of Dawn with the Helm of Saint-14 equipped, and the Purifier Robes.


Omnigul makes a return as the final boss of the Revisited version of the strike. Just like last time, she will stay in the center of the arena and suppress Guardians with her rapid fire Darkness Blasts as well as cast poison clouds for area denial. However, she will have locked the door that Guardians would normally run through for cover, trapping the players inside for the duration of the fight. The room will eventually get filled with a toxic gas that drastically slows the movement of any player that steps in it. Whenever reinforcements arrive, she will teleport away from the arena until all the reinforcements are dead. This will repeat until she herself is killed for good.


  • The prefix "Omni" is Latin for "all" or "every", while the suffix "gul" stands for rose in Persian and Turkish languages.[12] Gul in Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian also means yellow.[13] Essentially, Omnigul is the "All-yellow/All-rose". The implications this has for Thorn and Necrochasm are enormous, as Xyor, the Unwed is a Wizard belonging to the Spawn of Crota.
    • "Ġūl" is also Arabic for "ghoul," thus "Omnigul" may be interpreted as "all-ghoul" or "over-ghoul".
  • The voice actor for Eris Morn also did Omnigul, in addition to generic Hive.[14]
  • Omnigul is known as the "Old Witch of Cuba" by the Destiny community due to a misname, and quickly became a memetic joke.[15][16]
  • Omnigul is the only Major in the game that is a Strike boss, as she can be blinded by Flashbangs, Suppressors, Envenomed Smoke bombs, Saint-14-empowered Defender shields, Eidolon Ally, Abyss Defiant and other disorientation or crowd-control Guardian gear.


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