The World's Grave

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The World's Grave
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Enemy factions:

Hidden Swarm
Blood of Oryx (formerly)

Hostile races:

Taken (formerly)

Connecting areas:

Chamber of Night
Circle of Bones
Temple of Crota


Area type:



The World's Grave is an area of the Hellmouth on the Moon. It is a large library that houses much of the Hive's lore.


The Guardian's Rise[edit]

When The Guardian first came upon the forces of the Hive, they made several forays into the World's Grave. Most notably, to recover all the information the Hive had of Earth, and then to stop a ritual that was taking place in the area, which the invaders were using to drain the Traveler's Light. [1]

The Taken War[edit]

During the Taken War, the Guardian was forced to flee the depths of the Moon by passing through the World's Grave, which had is chambers sealed with Tomb Husks by the Taken King's forces.

Haunting of the Moon[edit]

Several years later, Guardian forces returned to the Grave to find it in a state of semi-abandon, many of its halls now filled with discolored filth. The Nightmare of Omnigul, Will of Crota made her lair here, in the chamber where the ritual to drain the traveler took place years before, and was repeatedly hunted down by Guardian Fireteams.

Points of interest[edit]

The World's Grave is The Hive's equivalent library where they store information of Earth, their operations there and of every world that has been encountered, things that they fear and have buried in the archives, and destroyed by the Darkness. It is a supercomputer capable of storing vast amount of data in such a finite space that it is also a black hole.[2][3]

It even possesses an image of the Dreadnaught[4], The Hive's anatomy based around ingesting worms for survival [5],things can be expunged from the library such as the existence of Nokris.[6]

A Barrier Knight occasionally lurks in the area, and Lunar Scavengers can also appear here.


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