The World's Grave

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The World's Grave
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Enemy factions:

Hidden Swarm

Connecting areas:

Chamber of Night
Circle of Bones
Temple of Crota

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The World's Grave is an area of the Hellmouth on the Moon. It is featured in the story mission The World's Grave.[1]

Points of interest[edit]

The World's Grave is The Hive's equivalent library where they store information of Earth, their operations there and of every world that has been encountered, things that they fear and have buried in the archives, and destroyed by the Darkness. It is a supercomputer capable of storing vast amount of data in such a finite space that it is also a black hole.[2][3]

It even possesses an image of the Dreadnaught[4], The Hive's anatomy based around ingesting worms for survival [5],things can be expunged from the library such as the existence of Nokris.[6]


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