Tomb Husk

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A Tomb Husk is a special kind of Hive Relic that is used to unlock certain doors in Hive fortresses; Toland, in particular, was of the belief that these were keys to unbind the Hive's greatest terrors. These are used in Story missions such as Lost to Light and Last Rites to unlock doors, and in Summoner's Circle to call forth an Ogre prematurely, and in Strikes such as Blighted Chalice.

A variant of the Tomb Husk is a special Relic, one of two special Relics drawn from the void in the same areas the Guardian shut down the Dreadnaught's superweapon while on Patrol. Killing their Taken protectors Guardians can use these Relics to enter a special room and be protected from the debuff "Taken Consumption", and open a chest and receive a Calcified Fragment.

In the King's Fall Raid, there are six of them; placing them in statues before the Court of Oryx unlocks the portal to Oryx's Ascendant Realm.

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