Projection of Savathûn

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Projection of Savathûn
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Lucent Brood




Lightbearer Wizard

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The Arrival
The Ritual
Vow of the Disciple


SolarS.png Blade Barrage
High Durability
VoidS.png Nova Bomb
ArcS.png Vicious Light
Rapid Movement
Summon Hive
ArcS.png Stormtrance
VoidS.png Nova Warp


The Projection of Savathûn is a Light construct of Savathûn, the Witch Queen.


The Projection of Savathûn was first encountered by The Guardian after entering the Court of Savathûn for the first time. The Guardian fought it in the Witch Queen's stead, only to be trapped by her and two more Projections soon after and banished from the Witch Queen's realm.[1]

The Projections were used again by Savathûn as she sought to protect the ritual she was weaving over the Traveler. Three were summoned in the Sanctum of the Brood Queen to halt the Guardian's progress, and three more to protect the Threadweavers.[2]

Even after the Witch Queen's defeat, her Projections would remain active, protecting the entrance to the Disciple's Bog from the first Raid fireteam[3], and from the subsequent Vanguard operations to keep the Sunken Pyramid out of Scorn hands.[4]


The Projection of Savathûn looks exactly like Savathûn herself, save for a Light sheen distorting her body. It is capable of using many of the same abilities, and its destruction is often key to progressing an encounter. Projections are always airborne, higher than the height kept by a Wizard, meaning that ground-bound attacks will be useless against them and Swords will be at a severe disadvantage. Projections will hover around an area, bombarding players with a barrage of Vicious Light and other powers. When approached, they will launch a Nova Warp around themselves, which leaves a Vortex Nova Bomb on the ground below them. They will often be accompanied by numerous Hive, and sometimes even with up to two more Projections.

That said, a single Projection doesn't seem capable of using all the Light powers of Savathûn. For example, the one at the beginning of Preservation will only fire Stormtrance from afar, and the middle one in The Ritual will only use Blade Barrage. They also seem capable of being stunned, which will cause them to briefly fly away before reappearing. They are immense targets, though fast, and rockets or other explosives will easily hit them. When they are destroyed, they let out a scream as they fade, leaving behind swirling Light particles that linger briefly.


  • The nature of Savathûn's projections are very similar to both the Echoes of Oryx created by her brother, and the Reflections crafted by the Warlock Osiris, whom she posed as for some time. Notably, all three of these duplicates seem to possess a limited degree of independence from their owners, though remain linked in other ways.