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The Dark Priestess


The Investigation

The Arrival


Destiny 2


The Witch Queen




Savathûn's Throne World


Investigate the reappearance of Mars

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The Arrival is the first mission of The Witch Queen expansion, it takes on the returning planet Mars, involving with its sudden reappearance as well as Savathûn's with her ship, The Lure.

The Mission Playlist version of the mission ends when players touch the Ascendant Portal on the Lure.


  • Find Savathun
  • Defeat the Cabal
  • Find a Way onto Savathûn's Ship
  • Prepare the Cannon
  • Activate the Cannon's Generators
  • Reach the Control Room
  • Launch onto Savathûn's Ship
  • Find Savathûn
  • Investigate the Statue
  • Find Savathûn
  • Defeat the Lucent Knight
  • Pursue Savathûn
  • Defeat Savathûn
  • Claim your Reward



Ikora's Jumpship streaks across space, heading for Mars.

Ikora: In times of crisis, people look to their leaders for answers. But ever since the planets were ripped from our sky, it seems all I can offer is more questions. And now, with mars returned... I hardly know where to start.

Ikora arrives at The Enclave. She passes a Titan, standing on a rock.

Ikora: Where is she?

Ikora approaches a black doorway, built into the side of the cliff. Eris Morn walks out.

Eris Morn: Your theory was correct. The Relic is of the Pyramids, there's no doubt.

Ikora: Word is out about Mars.

Eris Morn: I need more time.

Ikora: The Cabal are mobilizing. We need to -

The ground shakes. A Cabal carrier moves overhead.

Ikora: Secure the camp!

Eris, Ikora, and several other Guardians run over to the cliff's edge, where they can see a massive Cabal turret under construction.

Eris Morn: Wait. It seems they have another target.

Ikora: What are they aiming at?

The camera pans over to the direction the turret is facing. A Hive ship, The Lure, suddenly appears.

Eris Morn: Savathûn.

The screen fades to black.

(Mission Begins)

Ikora: Guardian, Eris and I are establishing Hidden operations near the Cradle. What's your location?

Ghost: We're in some kind of crop field.

Eris Morn: What you see is a window into the golden age. Mars has returned with temporal instabilities, and Savathûn's presence here is no coincidence.

Ikora: We believe the reappearance of Mars is drove her out of hiding, and our intel suggests she is in a weakened state. The Cabal fleet is blocking the flight path onto her ship. We need you to find a way to get up there and track Savathûn down.

Eris Morn: This may be our only chance to strike.

The Guardian encounters and defeats several Cabal. They find a fuel cell, defeat a Imperial Cannoneer to receive a Fuel Cannister, and use it to power a Jump Gate. They are launched over a hill and can see a giant Cabal cannon.

Ghost: The Cabal are setting up a giant cannon…

Ghost: I have an idea. Head inside and get me to a console.

The Guardian encounters and defeats several Cabal.
The Guardian enters the inside of the Cabal base.

Ghost: Bring me to the console. Let's see how this cannon works…

Ghost hacks into console.
The Guardian begins extracting information.
The Guardian encounters Cabal.

Ghost: I heard Savathûn went into hiding thanks to the Awoken Queen, Mara Sov.

Ghost: So why is she showing herself again so soon? Seems too reckless for a god of cunning…

Information extracted.

Ghost: OK, got it. We need fuel, power, and projectile control.

Ghost: You'll be the projectile, of coarse.

Ghost: I know what you‘re thinking, but trust me. This will work. My plans always work.

Ghost: Let's start with opening the fuel lines.

The Guardian must open two of the fuel lines.
The Guardian encounters Cabal.
The Guardian defeats an Imperial Engineer to receive the first wrench and uses it to activate the First Fuel Line.

Ghost: One down, Guardian. One more to go.

The Guardian defeats an Imperial Engineer to receive the second wrench and uses it to activate the Second Fuel Line.

Ghost: Fuel lines open.

The Guardian must activate the two cannon generator.
The Guardian enters the inside of the Cabal base.

Ghost: Next up, generators.

The Guardian defeats two Imperial Technicians and receives two fusion cells to activate the generators.
The Guardian must reach the control room.

Ghost: You know, if I were a god of cunning, I wouldn’t show up with a giant ship. It's like saying “Here I am! Come kill me!”

Ghost: Or… maybe Savathûn's waving a red flag at a bull. Maybe we're the bull.

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.

Ghost: We need two override codes to get the lift moving. Only Cabal engineers can carry them

The Guardian must acquire two override codes.
The Guardian defeats two Imperial Engineers to receive two override codes.

Ghost: Get me to that console. I'll activate the lift.

The Guardian activates the Munitions Lift.

Ghost: Lift is active. We just have to adjust the trajectory.

Ghost: The Cabal came prepared for war. Not with us, but with Savathûn. I wonder how they knew she was going to be here.

The Guardian adjusts the cannon trajectory.

Ghost: All right, the cannon is aligning. Time to reload, Guardian.

Ghost: Don't worry, you'll be fine… But I'll stand by to revive, just in case.

Ghost: To my knowledge, no Guardian has ever been on Savathûn's ship before.

Ghost: Either she's inviting us aboard, or she's so weak after that encounter with Queen Mara that she's getting clumsy.

Ghost: I'm hoping for the latter, but I wouldn't bet on it.

The Guardian uses the cannon to launch to the entrance of the Lure. They enter inside.

Ghost: Ikora, we made it onto the ship, and we're seeing traces of Void Light. Seems like maybe another Guardian got up here first.

Ikora: That's impossible. Perhaps we’ve entered too hastily… There are too many unknowns.

Eris Morn: Savathûn is the god of cunning. To wait for a moment when her intentions are clear… we would wait forever.

Ikora: Not forever. Just until we can provide backup. Guardian, Eris and I are pinned down.

Ikora: If you turn back now, it'll give us more time to plan…

Ghost: I don't think Savathûn will give us free time, Ikora. This might be our only shot.

Ghost: Don't worry. We'll handle it.

Ikora: Be careful.

The Guardian encounters and defeats Lucent Hive, who are being shielded and protected by Lucent Moths, small creatures made of light.

Ghost: Did you use that moth just now? It was glowing with Light. Not corrupted Light, Guardian, but Light like ours.

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
The Guardian encounters Lucent Hive
The Guardian kills 5 Tribute bearers to receive enough tribute to open the gate.

Ghost: The Hive shouldn’t be able to use the Light against us. They shouldn’t be able to use it at all. The Traveler would never grant them that power. Not willingly, anyway…

Ghost: This just isn’t adding up. We need to find Savathûn.

The Guardian cannot enter that gate.
The Guardian encounter more Lucent Moths

Ghost: Those moths will attack if you don’t shoot them, Guardian.

The Guardian finds a way over the gate.
The Guardian discovers a strange statue with a relic.

Ghost: This statue doesn’t look Hive. I’ve never seen anything like it…

Ghost: Looks like pyramid technology. What’s it doing on Savathûn's ship?

Ghost: We should bring it back to Ikora.

The Guardian picks up the Artifact of the Black Fleet.
The Guardian encounters and defeats waves of Lucent Hive.
The Guardian goes on the outside of the ship, encountering Lucent Hive and finding another entrance.

Ghost: There are reports of Savathûn trying to capture Void Light from dead Guardians. Maybe this is related. Maybe she’s been studying the Void all this time…

Ghost: Could that be how she did this?

The Guardian spots Savathûn, who enters into a portal.

Ghost: That was Savathûn! Hurry!

The portal closes, and a Lightbearing Hive Knight wielding Void Light appears.
The Guardian defeats the Lightbearing Knight. A Hive Ghost appears and begins to resurrect it.

Ghost: No. No, that's impossible. Is that… a Ghost?

Ghost: It can’t be. Get me closer, Guardian, I have to see.

The Hive Ghost resurrects the Lightbearing Knight.

Ghost: I can’t believe it…

Ghost: Why is that Ghost helping the Hive?

The Guardian kills the Lightbearing Knight and the Hive Ghost once again attempts resurrection.

Ghost: That thing is not like me. You see that, right?

The Guardian destroys the Hive Ghost

Ghost: I… I can’t believe this.

Ghost: We have to keep going. Oh Traveler what has she done to you…

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
The Guardian defeats 3 tribute bearers to receive enough tribute to re-open the portal.
The Guardian goes through the portal and arrives in Savathûn's Theone World. Now imbued with Light.

Ghost: What is this place? This doesn’t look like a Hive throne world…

The Guardian defeats Lucent Hive to open the entrance into her palace.

Savathûn: Tell me, oh honoured guest…

Ghost: It's her…

Savathûn: How did you do it? How did you find the strength to destroy something so like yourself?

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.

Ghost: There!

Savathûn: To look in a mirror and kill what looks back…

The Guardian engages with Savathûn
The Guardian kills Savathûn

Ghost: Come on, your strong, but that was too easy.

The Guardian is frozen. Savathûn and two of her projections appear.

Savathûn: It did seem to easy, didn’t it?

Savathûn: [laughs]

The Guardian is transported out of Savathûn's Throne World.


The Guardian is back on Mars, Laying on the ground and gets back up.

Ikora: Guardian? Guardian, do you read me?

Ghost: We’re here Ikora. We’re back on Mars.

Ikora: Back? from where?

The Guardian looks up at the sky at the Lure.

Guardian: Savathûn's throne world.

The Guardian looks back at the Ghost. They both begin walking away from the sight of the Lure.

Ghost: I know, we should’ve check in. But we had Savathûn in our sights! That might’ve been our only shot at her and we couldn’t miss it.

Ikora: I understand completely. It’s not like Savathûn to let herself to be seen so easily.

Guardian: There’s… something else. Before we left the ship, we ran into one of her Knights and it -

The Guardian and the Ghost step walking
Closeshot of the Ghost

Ghost: It had a Ghost, Ikora. Same as any other Lightbearer.

Closeshot of both the Guardian and the Ghost.

Ikora: A Ghost! A Hive Knight with a Ghost. But that means…

Closeshot of the Ghost

Ghost: Savathûn stole the Light.

Ghost: But that’s impossible… isn’t it?

Ghost shakes it’s head.
Closeshot of both the Guardian and the Ghost.

Ikora: Impossible? With Savathûn, nothing is impossible.

The Guardian and Ghost resume walking.

{End Cutscene}

{End Mission:The Arrival}


Cabal - Imperial Cabal
Hive - Lucent Brood



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