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The Arrival


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The Witch Queen




Savathûn's Throne World


Investigate the reappearance of Mars

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The Arrival is the first mission of The Witch Queen expansion, it takes on the returning planet Mars, involving with its sudden reappearance as well as Savathûn's with her ship, The Lure.


  • Find Savathun
  • Defeat the Cabal
  • Find a Way onto Savathûn's Ship
  • Prepare the Cannon
  • Activate the Cannon's Generators
  • Reach the Control Room
  • Launch onto Savathûn's Ship
  • Find Savathûn
  • Investigate the Statue
  • Find Savathûn
  • Defeat the Lucent Knight
  • Pursue Savathûn
  • Defeat Savathûn
  • Claim your Reward



Ikora's Jumpship streaks across space, heading for Mars.

Ikora: In times of crisis, people look to their leaders for answers. But ever since the planets were ripped from our sky, it seems all I can offer is more questions. And now, with mars returned... I hardly know where to start.

Ikora arrives at The Enclave. She passes a Titan, standing on a rock.

Ikora: Where is she?

Ikora approaches a black doorway, built into the side of the cliff. Eris Morn walks out.

Eris Morn: Your theory was correct. The Relic is of the Pyramids, there's no doubt.

Ikora: Word is out about Mars.

Eris Morn: I need more time.

Ikora: The Cabal are mobilizing. We need to -

The ground shakes. A Cabal carrier moves overhead.

Ikora: Secure the camp!

Eris, Ikora, and several other Guardians run over to the cliff's edge, where they can see a massive Cabal turret under construction.

Eris Morn: Wait. It seems they have another target.

Ikora: What are they aiming at?

The camera pans over to the direction the turret is facing. A Hive ship, The Lure, suddenly appears.

Eris Morn: Savathûn.

The screen fades to black.

(Mission Begins)

Ikora: Guardian, Eris and I are establishing Hidden operations near the Cradle. What's your location?

Ghost: We're in some kind of crop field.

Eris Morn: What you see is a window into the golden age. Mars has returned with temporal instabilities, and Savathûn's presence here is no coincidence.

Ikora: We believe the reappearance of Mars is drove her out of hiding, and our intel suggests she is in a weakened state. The Cabal fleet is blocking the flight path onto her ship. We need you to find a way to get up there and track Savathûn down.

Eris Morn: This may be our only chance to strike.

The Guardian encounters and defeats several Cabal. They find a fuel cell, and use it to power a Jump Gate. They are launched over a hill and can see a giant Cabal cannon.






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