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The Dark Priestess


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Beyond Light






Defeat Eramis's military Commander, Kridis, Dark Priestess.

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The Dark Priestess is a Story Mission in the Beyond Light expansion, and the final mission of the Fallen Empire campaign. It is also repurposed as one of the three Empire Hunts.

The mission takes place in Riis-Reborn, following the path of the The Kell of Darkness mission, except at the end one faces out Kridis, Dark Priestess, a House of Salvation Baroness and a member of the Dark Council.


  • Find Kridis
  • Defeat the Fallen
  • Defeat Kridis


Sniksis, House Salvation[edit]

Sniksis plays a significant role in guarding the entrance toward Gale's Watch for Kridis. Sniksis will spawn in the chamber Eramis makes her speech and supported by reinforcements such as Shanks and Tracer Shanks.

Sniksis wields a Shrapnel Launcher and shielded by a Arc Absorption Shield. Due to its high durability, it requires a lot of firepower to defeat. Successfully killing Sniksis will break free the barrier into Gale's Watch.

Piksis, House Salvation[edit]

Piksis plays a significant role in guarding the throne room entrance for Kridis. However unlike most Fallen who attack players aggressively on sight, Piksis will ceremoniously stay idle and will not engage the Guardians. It will only attack if it is provoked and will enlist the help of the nearby Wretchs to fend off players.

Piksis wields a Shrapnel Launcher and shielded by a Arc Absorption shield. Due to its high durability, it requires a lot of firepower to defeat. Successfully killing Piksis will break free the barrier and allow players to confront Yamiks Prime in the next encounter.

The Dark Priestess[edit]

Kridis, Dark Priestess

After defeating Yamiks Prime, a barrier will open to reveal the pathway to Kridis. The Dark Priestess is found within the middle of arena idle in a stasis pose and approaching her will initiate the encounter as rises from her stance and enters battle. She will spawn a wave of Marauders and Wretches to tackle Guardians and caution must be taken as Kridis will occasionally freeze players with her Stasis blasts while her reinforcements attack mercilessly.

Unlike Praksis who throws Stasis grenades and Phylaks who does a Stasis ground smash, Kridis is capable of generating special projectiles of Stasis and blast them to the direction of the Guardians. Players are advised to move swiftly, jump around or find cover to avoid getting trapped by the blasts. Kridis is also unique for her ability to generate Stasis swords and will follow players around as she attempts to inflict damage on them with her swords. She is also capable of unleashing a devastating Ultra Smash attack which can kill the players or launch off the arena to their eventual deaths.

As more of Kridis's health is depleted, she will encase herself with a white immunity shield and become safe from all damage. Three Defiled Servitors will spawn across three platform and each need to be defeated to disable her shielding. She will then spawn another wave of reinforcements and then create another immunity shield with more Defiled Servitors and this cycle will continue until she is defeated. Kridis is formidable foe and highly durable. In elected difficulties, she features the same gameplay mechanics, however her Stasis abilities pose a huge challenge and it is recommended players avoid getting frozen by her crystal blasts. They can seek refuge near the entrance of the arena as Kridis will not venture into that area. With a sustainable amount of firepower and understanding of her mechanics, Kridis can be defeated.


(Mission Begins)

  • Variks: Eramis wished to destroy gods… but Kridis simply chose another. She craves not power, but meaning. And she seeks it in Darkness.

The Guardian defeats Captain, House Salvation to access a lift and then defeats more Fallen to disable a barrier.

  • Kridis: My people… your Kell sleeps, but she is not dead. The Darkness brings another gift: the means to rouse her from her slumber.
  • Variks: Rouse her… that cannot be.
  • Kridis: Eramiskel has not left you. Eramiskel has just begun. Eramiskel will return in a storm of blood and ice.

The Guardian defeats Fallen and Vex battling in Riis-Reborn Approach.

  • Kridis: In her slumber, Eramiskel seeks greater knowledge from the Darkness. She pledges herself to its mysteries. She journeys through its glorious depths. And she will return not as a Kell, but as a god.

The Guardian defeats Sniksis, House Salvation and pushes deeper into Riis-Reborn to reach a teleporter.

  • Kridis: The Darkness sends visions of Eramiskel. It names me her escort out of the deep… back to you. Her people. Her faithful.
  • Variks: If Kridis speaks true… if she has found a way to bring Eramiskel — ah… To bring Eramis back to life…

Ghost: We're not gonna let that happen.

The Guardian defeats more Fallen, a Brig and Piksis, House Salvation in Gale's Watch. Yamiks Prime, House Salvation appears and is defeated by the Guardians. They then approach Kridis, Dark Priestess near the frozen statue of Eramis.

  • Kridis: Welcome, spawn of the Traitor Machine. Have you come to witness the rise of a god?

The Guardian defeats Kridis, Dark Priestess.

  • Ghost: She's down, Variks. It's over. That's… all of them. All of Eramis's lieutenants. Her entire council.
  • Variks: The reign of the Kell of Darkness is ended. [insect-like chattering] Thanks to the Guardian. But in death, Eramis becomes myth. Immortal. [insect-like chattering] Her legacy will go on. New champions will rise in her name. We must always stay vigilant. [insect-like chattering]

(Mission Ends)

The Dark Priestess enemies[edit]



Hunt Champions[edit]



Sniksis, House Salvation

Piksis, House Salvation

Yamiks Prime, House Salvation

Kridis, Dark Priestess


  • Piksis and Sniksis also appear in The Kell of Darkness mission.
  • In elected difficulties, Yamiks Prime is replaced by a Barrier Servitor.
  • Piksis is a neutral boss and will not engage the players unless it is provoked.