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The Technocrat


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Beyond Light






Defeat Eramis's military Commander, Praksis, the Technocrat.

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The Technocrat is a Empire Hunt mission in the Beyond Light expansion. It is the second of the three Empire Hunts and it takes places over at the Bray Exoscience, where you have to face and take out Praksis, the Technocrat, a House of Salvation Baron and a member of the Dark Council.


  • Find Praksis


(Mission Begins)

  • Variks: Eramis met Praksis in Prison, yes? [wheezes] Each day, they spoke through the walls of their cells, dreaming of a new world. His research gave Eliksni the ability to draw power from the Splinters. [insect-like chattering] Be careful, friend. Kill Praksis, and Eramis will no longer be able to empower her followers with Darkness.

The Guardian faces a House of Salvation squad defending the entrance into the Bray Exoscience. They defeat the group and destroys a Servitor known as: Zedraks-6, House Salvation, to enter into the Exoscience.

  • Praksis: Interlopers. Meddlers. Extraneous variables. But perhaps I can make use of you... Your kind make compelling test subjects. Let us run a test. Initiating defense protocol NIIRSAI.

The Guardian would be "greeted" by a Brig, Resilient Vandals and Shanks. But The Guardian would take them down and moves on.

  • Praksis: No, no, no... Troubling. Embarrassing. I must keep this from Eramis... The data must be clean.

As The Guardian goes to once barricaded door, they would see a small room of Trip Mines, if they set them off and survive OR die, Praksis will laugh on the coms. Once they escape that room, they would face more Fallen forces and encountering swarms of Shanks, Web Mines, and a large Servitor guarding the further corridors of the facility. But they would be all defeated by The Guardian as they push forward.

  • Praksis: This is where your Golden Age Kell built his machines, hmm? Trivial Tinkering. I will elevate it...

Or if playing as a Exo

  • Praksis: This is where your Golden Age Kell built you, hmm? Trivial tinkering. I will elevate it...
  • Variks: Is it stranger to see this place, Guardian? [wheezes] Eliksni are haunted by what we have lost — but we are not forced to walk the ruins of our former life, as you are. [insect-like chattering]

The Guardian would travel across over to the Eternity and sees a door blocked by Trip Mines and guarded by Resilient Dregs, once they pass it, they would see more Resilient Dregs carrying Molten Welders, as well as Resilient Vandal Snipers, and a group of Shanks, but are destroyed nonetheless. Once finishing that, The Guardian would traverse more deeper and finds Praksis behind a barrier.

  • Praksis: The others did not come this far. You are an outlier. Aberrant. But I can account for you.

The Barrier would be down and Praksis would begin to fire with his Shrapnel Launcher and threw a Coldsnap Grenade at The Guardian, however, Praksis was shielded by a Shielding Drone near by. Once The Guardian destroyed the drone, Praksis would teleport away, and the door to the next area would be open, but would be filled with a few Marauders, but The Guardian takes them down and goes more deeper, taking out a Resilient Heavy Shank, a Resilient Captain, another group of Shanks, and a few Sniper Resilient Vandals. Once taking them out, The Guardian would drop down to Praksis' hideout, and as they got more closer, Praksis would ride on top of a Shank and drops off of it to fight.

  • Praksis: Eramis does not permit errors, so I will not fail.

Praksis would blast his Shrapnel Launcher at The Guardian and uses his Coldsnap (or Duskfield) Grenades at them, as well as calling upon a few Fallen reinforcements to defend him. As a third of his health is almost depleted, He will activate two Shield Generators to protect him.

The Guardian destroys it and continues to fight Praksis, as another chunk of his health is taken away, he will summon another pair of Shield Generators.

  • Praksis: [laughs]

After taking those two generators again, Praksis would be open to damage, however, as he is low on health, he would be instead Stasis shielded by the nearby Cruxes of Darkness, (or won't be shielded if doing the mission after completing it the first try).

  • Praksis: Let me see your tiny Servitor. I will take it apart, like the others...

But as he is shielded by Stasis, The Guardian would then begin to channel the Darkness given to them by the Cruxes and utilizes Stasis. Fighting Praksis once again, this time with Stasis. The Guardian then kills Praksis.

  • Ghost: Variks, Praksis is down. We're finishing up here.
  • Variks: Good. Without Phylaks and Praksis, Eramis will grow reckless. [insect-like chattering] Careless. Without her council, she is weak. She will struggle to control this new Dark power. [insect-like chattering].
  • Ghost: Perfect time for us to strike. Guardian, we should get back to camp with this Splinter. The Stranger will be waiting.

(Mission Ends)

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Drapsis-3, House Salvation