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The Warrior


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Beyond Light






Defeat Eramis's military Commander, Phylaks, the Warrior.

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The Warrior is a Empire Hunt mission in the Beyond Light expansion. It is the first of the three Empire Hunts and it takes places over at the Nexus, where you have to face and take out Phylaks, the Warrior, a House of Salvation Baroness and a member of the Dark Council.


  • Find Phylaks
  • Defeat the Fallen
  • Defeat Phylaks




(Mission Begins)

  • Variks: Phylaks found fame at Twilight Gap, yes? [insect-like chattering] Fame for ruthlessness. For final deaths. For Phylaks, there is no greater joy than battle. You must challenge her, but use caution, Guardian.

The Guardian heads off to Nexus from the Asterion Abyss, dealing with a skirmish between the Vex and a House of Salvation squad, defeating Riliks, House Salvation and a Abstract Hydra, and heads off to Nexus.

  • Ghost: What did Phylaks mean by "god dependence"? The Traveler? I don't feel dependent on or limited by the Traveler. I feel close to the Traveler. Protected. Or… I did. Since you got that Splinter… I feel further away than ever.

The Guardian then faces another platoon of Salvation Fallen, fighting off Vex that are protecting the Vex Barrier. The Guardian defeats them and destroys the Principle Wyvern, disabling the Vex Barrier and moves forward.

  • Phylaks: What drives you, Machine-spawn? Do you fight for glory? For power? My Eliksni fight for the fight itself. There is nothing beyond it. Let me teach you this lesson.

The Guardian is ambushed by more Salvation troops, led by Deniks, House Salvation and a Heavy Shank, House Salvation Automata, but would be all taken out by The Guardian, they press forward.

  • Ghost: I've never seen the Fallen's military forces so… organized.
  • Variks: For many years, Eliksni lived scattered, yes? [insect-like chattering] Eramis took our broken Houses and forged an army.
  • Ghost: And she wants to give that army Stasis. If they ever came for the Last City

The Guardian faces more Fallen fighting Vex protecting two Vex Barrier. They defeat them all and takes out the two Harbinger Wyvern variants that are keeping the Vex Barrier active, and destroys the barrier.

  • Phylaks: I see now you are a worthy challenge. A chance to hone my blade. Come find me, Machine-spawn. I am waiting.

The Guardian reaches to the entrance of Phylaks's arena, but before they could advance, a Major-class Brig, titled: "Brig, House Salvation" is deployed and fights the Guardian.

  • Ghost: Another one of those giant mechs.

The Guardian defeats the Brig and presses forward to the final area, there a Skiff teleports in and drops off Phylaks, the Warrior.

  • Phylaks: I will bring your corpse to Eramiskel. I will forge myself a ring from your armor.

The Guardian faces off Phylaks, but despite her usage of her Wire Rifle, the ability to summon allies to her aid, and the power of Stasis in her hands, The Guardian prevails damages her, enough for her to teleport away to the next platform and activates her immunity shielding.

  • Phylaks: Surprising strength for such a little creature!

The Guardian jumps up to the platform and takes out two waves of Wretches and Marauders defending Phylaks, forcing her to cut off her shielding and attack the Guardian She takes another strong hits of damage, forcing her to teleport again to the next, and last, platform.

  • Phylaks: Your skill will earn you a quick death!

Phylaks summons a few waves of Wretches and Resilient Captains to aid her in battle. The Guardian takes them out, however Phylaks switches to Stasis shielding, provided by the nearby Cruxes of Darkness. (or won't be shielded if doing the mission after completing it the first try). The Guardian then begins to channel the Darkness from within, aided by the Splinter given to by the Exo Stranger, they wield the power of Stasis and battles Phylaks once more, breaking her shielding and kills her.

  • Ghost: Variks, Phylaks is down.
  • Variks: Her soldiers will scatter. But there are other powerful Eliksni that will stand in your path. [insect-like chattering]
  • Ghost: Destroying the general doesn't destroy the army. But this is a start, at least. Let's get that Splinter back to camp.

(Mission Ends)

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Master Champions[edit]



Riliks, House Salvation

Deniks, House Salvation