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Destiny 2


Season of the Lost



Recommended Power Level:



Dreaming City


Journey to the Dreaming City, apprehend the fugitive Osiris, and bring him in for questioning.

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Cocoon was the opening story mission of Season of the Lost. The Guardian joins Saint-14 in following Osiris to the Dreaming City in order to find answers behind the former Warlock's involvement in Lakshmi-2's failed coup.[1]


  • Track the trail of Hive to Osiris
    • Break through the Hive lines and find Osiris before Xivu Arath.
    • Osiris's signal isn't far off: Xivu Arath's forces converge on it.
  • Defeat Xivu Arath's reinforcements
    • Eliminate the Hive to open a path to Osiris.
  • Align the Awoken Beacon
    • Slip through the Ascendant Plane to bypass Xivu Arath's main assault force.
  • Enter the portal
    • Crow says the Awoken beacon can get you into the Ascendant Plane.
  • Find a Path through the Ascendant Plane
    • Slip through the Ascendant Plane to bypass Xivu Arath's main assault force.
  • Align the Awoken Beacon
    • Open the portal and return to the Dreaming City.
  • Return to the Dreaming City
    • Osiris's signal is just on the other side of the portal.
  • Defeat Kelgorath, Risen from Bones
  • Return to the Dreaming City


The Guardian travels to the Dreaming City in their Jumpship while being briefed by Saint-14.

  • Saint-14: Guardian... thank you for accompanying me. Ikora issued an order for Osiris's arrest. She has questions about his involvement in Lakshmi's attack on the Eliksni. I volunteered to collect him from the Dreaming City, where he now hides. No one will touch Osiris until I know the truth. He has acted rashly in the past, but... I have never seen him willingly endanger the City. Something is wrong. I have felt it for some time now. He is... distant. Help me bring him home.

The Guardian lands in Harbinger's Seclude.

  • Saint-14: I am... [grunts] I am making way through the opposite flank from you. The Hive are swarming! We will be as the mighty crabs of old and pincer them! Break their lines, and meet me at Osiris's signal.

The Guardian breaks through the first line of Hive.

  • Saint-14: What are you doing here, bird brother? Did Zavala not send you away?
  • The Crow: Osiris called me for help. With all these Hive around, I can see why. This reeks of Xivu Arath.
  • Saint-14: He... called you? No. Go home. This is not your fight to take; it is mine.
  • The Crow: You can't keep him in a cage, Saint. You're not the only one who cares about him.
  • Saint-14: Lectures? You know nothing! Osiris is not himself, and I will be the one to bring him back.

The Guardian defeats a wave of Hive and breaks open their seals blocking the doorway to Osiris.

  • The Crow: Still fumbling around in the overworld, old Light? There's an Awoken device near you. It should let you slip into the Ascendant Plane and get you closer to Osiris.
  • Glint: Crow and I used them to hide from Wrathborn.
  • The Crow: Stalk, we were stalking, not hiding.

The Guardian activates an Awoken Beacon

  • Saint-14: Taken portals, Awoken dimensions. Fine. Go, Guardian, take the Crow's path.

The Guardian enters the Ascendant Plane.

  • The Crow: The Ascendant Plane should skirt you past the Hive's barricades. Just be sure to mind the Taken.
  • The Crow: Word to the wise: bringing down Quria left the Taken rattled. I don't think Savathûn has control of them anymore.
  • Saint-14: No matter! My bullets do not know the difference.

Reaching the exit portal back to the Dreaming City, the Guardian is confronted by Kelgorath, Risen from Bones.

  • Saint-14: Guardian, many Taken signals falling on you.
  • The Crow: A big Wrathborn headed your way too.
  • Saint-14: Be brave. Osiris is not far ahead.

The Guardian defeats Kelgorath and his allies

  • Saint-14: I am not far ahead of you, Guardian... We converge on Osiris's signal.
  • The Crow: Then we'll see each other soon. Crow out.
  • Saint-14: Whatever happens, friend, we cannot lose him. Even if I do not understand, I must believe his actions have purpose.

The Guardian steps through the portal and returns to the Dreaming City, beginning a cutscene.

Queen Mara Sov and "Osiris" stand near each other as The Crow arrives.

  • Mara Sov: I had hoped you'd find your way back.
  • The Crow: I'm a bit lost, actually... but this feels familiar.

Crow pauses and studies Mara's face.

  • The Crow: Do I know you?

Mara's eyes narrow but Saint-14 and the Guardian arrive before she can respond

  • Saint-14: Osiris... You must come home. Answer for what you have done. The Vanguard will show mercy —
  • "Osiris": Yes, Ikora and Commander Zavala are nothing if not generous. Queen Mara, look how they've welcomed the Crow into their flock.
  • The Crow: It isn't too late. You can still be forgiven.
  • "Osiris": Be careful... I'll hold you to it.

"Osiris" steps backwards as he speaks and his voice begins to change, replaced by Savathûn's, who begins to transform into her true form to the horror of the Guardians.

  • Saint-14: No, no, NO!

Mara closes her eyes as shadows begin to cover the room, then holds out her hands while her eyes glow. A flash of light creates a cocoon around Savathûn, halting her transformation and entrapping her in a large crystal.

  • Saint-14: WHERE. IS. OSIRIS.
  • Mara Sov: Lower your weapons. Osiris still lives.
  • Saint-14: You trust this thing?
  • Mara Sov: This thing and I have come to an agreement. You need only cooperate.
  • The Crow: What is it?
  • Savathûn: I am Savathûn, the Witch Queen, Sister of Shapes, Deepest in the High Coven, etcetera, etcetera. My sister Xivu Arath hunts me on behalf of another. I wish to only be free, and Mara Sov has graciously agreed to help.
  • The Crow: And Osiris?
  • Savathûn: Sweet that you should care, little bird. I have been Osiris for as long as you have known him. But rest assured: I will return him safely to you... in exchange for your assistance.
  • Saint-14: Queen of Lies, pray this is the one time you are telling truths. The Vanguard must know what has happened here. Stay, Guardians. I will go.
  • Mara Sov: Someone once told me the line between light and dark is very thin. Walk it alongside me. For Osiris. This will guide you; a powerful relic of Awoken design. Take it, and return to your H.E.L.M.


Hive - Xivu Arath's Horde

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