Shattered Realm: Ruins of Wrath

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Shattered Realm: Debris of Dreams

Shattered Realm: Ruins of Wrath
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Destiny 2


Season of the Lost



Recommended Power Level:

1320 (Legend)


H.E.L.M., The Last City
• Ley Line Conjunction, The Shattered Realm
• The Ruins of Wrath, The Shattered Realm

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"Traverse the Shattered Realms of the Ascendant Plane in search of the lost Awoken Techeuns."
— Mission description

Shattered Realm: Ruins of Wrath is a quest accessible during the Season of the Lost as part of the Shattered Realm activity. It is accessed via the Ascendant portal in the Awoken branch of the H.E.L.M. The Ruins of Wrath area itself mirrors aspects of the Moon, consisting of several Hive structures and and small fortresses, with a giant warship docked at the far side. It is occupied by the brood of Xivu Arath, God of War.[1]


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The Guardian investigates enemy activity: 'Lord of the Undercroft'.

A dormant plate comes to life.

The Guardian activates the plates and opens the entryway to the Warbringer's Tower.

  • Mara Sov: A Hive fortress turned prison now opens its gates to you.

The Guardian descends to the undercroft of the Warbringer's Tower.

  • Mara Sov: When the Hive first invaded this realm, we imprisoned their undying emissary beneath this tower. Now you will do what we could not.

Scoroboth, the son of Xivu Arath, stalks the Guardian's Light.

The Guardian retrieves an Awoken relic and destroys Scoroboth's barrier.

Scoroboth retreats to his lair.

The Guardian chases Scoroboth and defeats him.

  • Mara Sov: The Hive infest the Ascendant Plane like termites in rotting wood, spreading out from the borders of their progenitors' throne worlds. To end the Hive, you must end them at their source. For without their worm gods, they are as fragile as glass.


The Guardian investigates enemy activty: 'Light the Way'.

A Hive ritual commences nearby.

The Guardian defeats the Soulfire Exarch.

  • Mara Sov: A Hive ritual. See that it is undone, Guardian.

The Guardian carries the soulfire flame of the Exarch and lights a path.

  • Mara Sov: I sense other Wizards, somewhere beyond the portals, maintaining this ritual. They must be stopped.

The Guardian defeats more Soulfire Exarchs and follows the path forward.

The Guardian defeats the Soulfire Hierarch behind the final portal and ends the ritual.

  • Mara Sov: The Hive sought to create a breachway between this realm and Xivu Arath's throne world? I am uncertain such a ritual could have succeeded. Xivu Arath must be desperate to stop Savathûn. How unfortunate for her.


The Guardian found a corsair's cache in the Ascendant Realm.

  • Petra Venj: I... recognize this place, even if it's changed. The data cache here has old combat logs of mine. At the beginning of the Dreaming City's curse loop, we held out until the end, but we were down to our blades against the Taken. We heard voices; a sea of Awoken reinforcements surged at our backs. They came from a split in the planes — I thought we were saved. And then I recognized some of their face. My Corsairs. Friends who had already fallen in the battle. The curse loop was starting over. I led the same friends to their deaths again... and again. Let's keep moving.

Or alternatively

  • Petra Venj: This cache is mostly corrupted: might have been pathfinding data. Xivu Arath's scouts have been this way. They probably tampered with it. I knew her forces were crawling through the planes, but if they're bold enough to leave stuff like this behind... [sighs] it's like they're mocking us. She knows we can't stop her. She can flood the planes with endless troops, and there's nothing we can do but hold out as long as we can.

Or alternatively

  • Petra Venj: Ugh, the data in this cache is corrupted. The Hive tried to gain access by force. We spent ages keeping these lines clear. Then Xivu Arath gets involved, and suddenly we have waves of Hive breaking down our doors. The Corsairs and Techeuns had it under control. Even when facing an endless curse from a wish-dragon, it never got this bad.

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