Quria, Blade Transform

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"<interdict> / <simulate> / <worship> [...] <observe> ! <imitate> ! <usurp> [...] <unknown> / <enigma> / <shortfall> / <abort> ! <halt> ! <abort>"
Quria, Blade Transform
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Female(Aurash simulation)

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Quria, Blade Transform was a Vex Axis Mind Hydra[1] who was manifested by the Vex in order to understand and conquer Oryx's Ascendant Realm - the High War.


"Simulate me, wretch. Calculate the permutations of my divinity. Compute the death in the shape of my throne. Render my shadow on the stone of ten thousand graveyard worlds! It will never be enough. I hold the Tablets of Ruin. I speak to the Deep. Not with a galaxy of thinking matter could you encompass me. Behold!"
—Oryx during his last battle with Quria

The Vex first encountered the Hive when Crota, Son of Oryx used his sword to cut open a portal to another region of space, in the hopes of gaining a secret power.[2] Savathûn had tricked Crota into choosing that location; the region Crota accessed contained Vex, who were able to enter the Ascendant Realm of Oryx directly. Initially, the Vex were perplexed by the unique physics of the realm, physics of Oryx's own creation designed to allow the strongest entities within it to rule and attain divine power, i.e. sword-logic. Seeking a solution, the Vex manifested a new Axis Mind, Quria, Blade Transform, who was able to unravel the enigma of sword-logic and thereby allow the Vex to adapt to Oryx's ascendant realm. Quria's solution was simple: in order to gain power in the realm, the Vex needed to kill everything within it.[3]

Soon the Vex were manufacturing powerful new models specialized for combat, which wreaked havoc among the Hive and consequently became even stronger. Oryx's children Crota, Ir Anûk, and Ir Halak, destroyed many Vex using an Annihilator Totem, but were unable to seal the portal to Vex space shut before Quria built a device to hold it open. For a century, a stalemate between Vex and Hive endured; neither race could leave their origin space to attack the other without becoming too weak to inflict any lasting damage.[3]

Eventually, Quria captured Worm larvae for experimentation and discovered that worshiping the Worms allowed the worshiper to alter reality slightly. As a result, it created a Vex priesthood to worship the Worms, and then began capturing and killing increasingly dangerous organisms to bootstrap itself to divinity in accordance with Hive sword-logic. For unknown reasons, Quria refrained from integrating a Worm with Vex mind fluid.[3]

Summoned home by the Worm God Eir, Oryx cleared his ascendant realm of Vex, defeating Quria's limited tactics and forcing the Mind to retreat for a time.[4] Quria did not attack the Hive again until Oryx had built his Dreadnaught and used it to destroy the Harmonious Fleet Invincible and raid the Nicha Thought-ship. As Oryx boarded the ship, Quria ambushed him in force.[5] Upon attempting to simulate and understand Oryx, however, Quria was stymied, as Oryx had become too complex and powerful for even the Vex to fully comprehend.[6]

Quria realized that it could not overcome Oryx and faced certain defeat. As Oryx and his forces cut through the Vex, Quria resorted to making a partial simulation of Oryx that encompassed only his original form, Aurash, as Quria could not accurately measure Oryx's current form and power. Quria projected the simulation of Aurash at Oryx to gain any insight it could. It only learned of Oryx's origins by gathering data from Oryx's conversation and from the Vex gate in former Ecumene space, but knew that in certain situations such information could be invaluable to the Vex as a whole. Quria's last act before Oryx took it was to send this information to the rest of the Vex network, knowing the other Vex would devote their resources to finding a solution to the Hive.[1]

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