Phensis, the Disillusioned

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Phensis, the Disillusioned
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Biographical information

Other name(s):

Phensis, Loyal to Eramis




House of Dusk (formerly)
House of Devils (formerly)


Baron (presumably)



Combat information


European Aerial Zone (formerly)


Molten Welder


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Summon Skiffs
Place Web Mine


Phensis, the Disillusioned (formerly Phensis, Loyal to Eramis) was a Fallen Captain seen in the European Aerial Zone, where the Captain served as a Fallen commander for the House of Devils Fallen. Assuming by name, Phensis was once a member of the House of Dusk before allying with Eramis' Devils, strengthening trust by claiming the EAZ for their new allies. However, in their return in Season of the Splicer's Solstice of Heroes, Phensis seemingly had lost their faith in Eramis and her cause due to the 'Disillusioned' title they were renamed to. Regardless of the point in time of their arrival at the EAZ, after seeing their forces be repeatedly beaten by the Guardians, Phensis took the field themselves and was killed, the parts of their band that survived left astray and leaderless.


Phensis will first spawn underneath their Skiff with a small contingent of Fallen soldiers atop the Factory. There, they will open fire upon any Guardians below with their Molten Welder, Fallen backup, and Skiffs that spawn on occasion. Whenever their position is compromised or they lose about a fifth of their health, Phensis will teleport to another random spot, leaving behind a Web Mine that immediatly detonated to slow down and disorientate their opposition. Phensis will then immediately spawn in a new location and a Skiff will appear above their position, dropping Fallen soldiers and providing support with their cannons. There will also be a Skiff hovering over the Courtyard which summons various Shanks also providing support for the Captain. Once Phensis is killed, their Fallen support will retreat and a chest will spawn in the Courtyard which when opened will start the Treasure Hunt encounter.


  • Assuming by the vast Skiff support that supports them, it can be assumed that Phensis was a Baron.
  • Following the 2021 Solstice of Heroes event, Phensis was renamed to the Disillusioned. This is possibly due to Eramis disbanding her House of Devils prior to the events of Beyond Light.
  • If Phensis was somehow knocked or pushed off the building they're currently on, they would have immediately teleported back to their position. However due to the fact Captains cannot teleport when stunned; players were able to shove Phensis off of the map when they were on the Factory and then stun Phensis with a Super or hard-hitting weapons like a Rocket Launcher or Tractor Cannon, which would cause Phensis to die by falling out of bounds.


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