Elikaa, the Pale Rot

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This article is about Elikaa, the Pale Rot. For Chieftain with the same name, see Elikaa, Sworn to Vengeance.
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Elikaa, the Pale Rot
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Combat information


Riven's Lair
The Coil


VoidS.png Kanik's Bombs


High Durability
Summon Scorn
Summon Mephitic Hosts
Summon Well Protector


Elikaa, the Pale Rot is a powerful Scorn Champion of Fikrul, the Fanatic. It was sent to make a wish with one of Riven's Whims.


Elikaa is encountered during the Chiasmus mission and encounter. Upon losing half of its health, Elikaa will gain an immunity shield and summon Major Mephitic Hosts. Slaying these hosts will drop the Ephemeral Virus which lasts for 29 seconds and allows the players to damage Elikaa. If the timer reaches zero the player will be killed. Once the Well Protector is killed, players will be able to jump on the Well to cleanse themselves of the Virus. When Elikaa's shield is destroyed, it will begin to summon Corrupted Ravagers to its aid. Once Elikaa is slain the encounter is complete.


  • Because Scorn can be resurrected, it is likely that this is Elikaa, Sworn to Vengeance reanimated. If this is the case, it would be approximately 1,200 days since their last appearance.
  • Elikaa shares the same model as Kaniks, the Mad Bomber