Savathûn's Right Hand

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Savathûn's Right Hand
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Lucent Brood




Lightbearer Wizard



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The Last Chance


Pulse Grenade


Darkness Blast
Healing Rift
Summon Hive
High Durability
Midair Levitation
Rapid Flight
Immunity Shield


Savathûn's Right Hand is a Hive Lightbearer Wizard who served as a member of the Witch Queen's high council. She was charged with overseeing the Apothecary of the fortress in her master's Throne World, as well as the experiments that took place there.[1]


Savathun's Right Hand is the final boss of The Last Chance Mission, and is encountered at the highest floor of the Apothecary Wing. Killing the group of the three kneeling Acolytes on the far end of the final floor will cause her to spawn. Like other Lightbearer Wizards, the Right Hand utilizes Stormtrance, Healing Rifts, and Pulse Grenades, and she is accompanied by a large group of Lucent Hive. After losing a third of her health, she will summon an immunity shield before teleporting away. The player must kill a Lucent Swordbearer Knight and retrieve their Cleaver in order to break through the door and proceed to the next area. After killing the two Revenant Knights on the other side of the room, the boss will reappear alongside more Hive enemies. She will once again retreat upon losing another third of her health, and the player will once again have to steal a cleaver so they can progress to the final room, where an Ultra Lightbearer Knight is present. After it's been killed, the Right Hand will spawn with more reinforcements to make her last stand. She can be defeated easily from here, so long as her forces don't overwhelm you.



  • The appearance of Savathûn's Right Hand has a lot in common with that of Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return, such as an armored chest plate, arm braces with Hive runes, and similar horns protruding from the back of their heads.
  • Uniquely among the Hive Lightbearers, the Right Hand's Ghost doesn't seem to resurrect them after they die, and it also does not need to be destroyed in order to finish the mission.

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