Besurith, Daughter of Crota

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Besurith, Daughter of Crota
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Spawn of Crota (formerly)
Hidden Swarm







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In the Deep


ArcS.png Darkness Blasts
KineticS.png Cloud of Darkness
Summon Hive
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
SolarS.png Absorption Shield


Besurith, Daughter of Crota is a child of the Hive prince Crota seen in the In the Deep Mission, where she and some Scholars attempted to protect the Cryptoglyph from The Guardian. Attempting to protect the key Hive artifact, preserving it within the Catacombs, and help to perpetuate her sister's plan, she personally attacked the Guardian to keep the Cryptoglyph from falling into their hands, resulting in her inevitable demise.


"Unless the Daughters of the Worldbreaker show they are more than coddled heirs…"
"Unless the Daughters of the Destroyer are willing to remove the cancer from their brood…"
"The slaughter is set.
Savathûn tempting Besurith to slay the courtsmembers[1]

Along with her sisters Hashladûn, Kinox and Voshyr, Besurith retained her faith in Oryx even after his death. Believing it to be the only way to save the Hidden Swarm, as no successor to Oryx had emerged, they forged a plan to resurrect him in the form of a Nightmare. Moreover, knowing Oryx's immense power of will and vast tribute, they believed their king could yet come back as he had in the past.[2].

While the sisters plotted, various Hive champions fought in the Pit for the vacant Osmium Throne; most notably Zulmak, whose victory could threaten their plans before they had a chance to truly unravel[3]. The sisters didn't believe any of the gladiators were worthy of their grandfather's legacy and observed the battles with disgust. Zulmak kept winning every fight, gaining the title of "the Unwavering", until he was challenged by an unlikely adversary - the Deathsinger Azavath, her body actually a shell for her brother Akrazul's essence.

Upon defeating Zulmak, Azavath-now-Akrazul began slaughtering members of the court watching the pit fights. The royal sisters moved to escape, but Besurith halted them and asked to consider this moment of chaos as a perfect opportunity to eliminate the opponents to their rule. All four drew daggers from their cloaks and turned against those courtsmembers they deemed a threat, then promptly left with the surviving remains of the congregation[1].

Besurith was later tasked with protecting the Cryptoglyph deep within the Catacombs. She fell to the Guardian, and the artifact was stolen in order to allow Eris Morn to forge equipment protecting the Guardian from Nightmares.


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