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The Osmium King was a proto-Hive who ruled the floating continent called the Osmium Court on the gas giant Fundament. He had three surviving daughters, Xi Ro, Sathona, and Aurash, who were tutored by Taox.


It is unknown how long the Osmium King reigned over the Osmium Court or who preceded him. At some point he mated with a fertile female of his species, a Mother, and sired a number of broods of offspring who eventually perished. His final brood, consisting of Xi Ro, Sathona, and Aurash, is the only one known to have survived.[1] The Osmium King was known to wear a set of three-eyed goggles to shield his eyes from Fundament's constant lightning storms.[2] He also kept a dead white Worm, which had washed up on the Court's shores, on his person as a familiar.[3]

By the time the Osmium King had reached ten years of age, a lifetime for the short-lived proto-Hive species, he had become senile and insane. In his madness he had begun to lock himself in the Royal Orrery and obsess over the orbits of Fundament's 52 moons.[4] He feared that their orbits were being altered somehow and would align to form the Syzygy, which in turn would create a massive tidal wave that would destroy all of Fundament's civilizations. He confided his fears in Aurash, who would later resolve to find a way to stop the Syzygy.[5]

Taox, a sterile Mother and the teacher of the royal offspring, knew the Osmium King's death was imminent, but feared that all of his daughters were too wayward and weak to ascend to the Osmium Throne and rule effectively. Secretly, she invited the rival Helium Drinkers of the Helium Court to invade the Osmium Court, assassinate the royal family, and make her regent of the continent under Helium King.[4] The Helium Drinkers subsequently invaded and killed the Osmium King, though the King's daughters managed to escape, vowing to one day return and take revenge on Taox for her treachery.[6]

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