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Taox was a proto-Hive who once tutored the Osmium King's three daughters, Xi Ro, Sathona, and Aurash.


Taox was a sterile Mother and consequently fortunate to have a longer lifespan than most members of her species. She became the teacher of the royal offspring of the Osmium Court, a floating continent on the gas giant Fundament, a trusted position. When the Osmium King's mind began to crumble from senility and madness, Taox realized his death was imminent, and feared that all of his daughters were too wayward and weak to ascend to the Osmium Throne and rule effectively. Secretly, she invited the rival Helium Drinkers of the Helium Court to invade the Osmium Court, assassinate the royal family, and make her regent of the continent under the Helium King.[1] The Helium Drinkers subsequently invaded and killed the Osmium King, though the King's daughters managed to escape, vowing to one day return and take revenge on Taox for her treachery.[2]

Taox presumably ruled the Osmium Court until the King's daughters returned, transformed by the Worms into Xivu Arath, Savathûn, and Auryx, the first Hive, and began spreading the Worms among the other proto-Hive to build an army. The nascent but powerful Hive forces recaptured the Osmium Court and took revenge on the Helium Drinkers, but Taox managed to escape to another kingdom, the Hydrogen Fountain.[3] The Hive's advance was inexorable, however, and Taox was forced to continue retreating. Eventually, she traveled to Kaharn Atoll, where she attempted to marshal the myriad other species of Fundament to strike down the Hive. This plan failed.[3]

Once more escaping the Hive's grasp, Taox took a spaceship to the capital of the Ammonite civilization that ruled Fundament's 52 moons, and was granted asylum. The Hive followed, and began their conquest of the moons. A violent war followed that saw the Ammonite exterminated, but Taox had slipped away yet again.[4]

Approximately 24,000 years later, the Dakaua discovered a starship which held Taox in cryo-stasis at roughly the same time they and the other species of the Ecumene were dealing with a Hive invasion. Taox shared what she knew about the Hive's leaders and their overall motivations with Dakaua leadership, who passed the information on to the Ecumene. The Ecumene determined that the Hive had to be defeated by any means necessary, and embarked on a campaign of genocide using their most powerful weapons.[5] In the end, however, Taox's aid was in vain; the Hive weathered these attacks and eventually annihilated every last trace of the Ecumene.[6]

Taox fled yet again, the only survivor of the Hive's conquest. Although the Hive would continue hunting her, as Xivu Arath, Savathûn, and Oryx had sworn a blood oath to kill her, they lost track of her whereabouts.[6][7] Taox's fate is unknown.

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