Hashladûn, Daughter of Crota

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Hashladûn, Daughter of Crota
Biographical Information

Other Names:

The Inundated




Spawn of Crota (formerly)
Blood of Oryx (formerly)
Hidden Swarm







Combat Information


The Scarlet Keep


Darkness Blasts
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Immunity Shield
Summon Hive
Knock back

"Do you feel it as I do, Guardian?
A hatred as pure and potent as sunshine, soaking through your skin?
Hashladûn knows what the Guardians have done. She watched as her lineage fell, one after the other - Crota, Oryx, Omnigul.
And she is eager to return that pain.
— Eris Morn to the Guardian

Hashladûn, Daughter of Crota (also known as the Inundated) is an Ascendant Hive Wizard and the oldest and significant of the Daughters (herself, Besurith, Voshyr, and Kinox) of the Hive god Crota, Son of Oryx and Omnigul, Will of Crota, as well as granddaughter of Oryx, the Taken King. She is the architect of the Scarlet Keep, harnessing the Nightmares of the Pyramid that lies beneath.

Hashladûn lures The Guardian to the top of the Tower of Woe as a plot to take revenge for her fallen family, but fails in doing so and is killed by the Guardian and their fireteam


"Let this one be inundated in the old way of floods; let her greatness be reduced to only what is greatest, for she has an excess, and excess is the capacity to be stringently purified."
— Crota

Hashladûn began as an abnormally large and strong Thrall, "huge of crest and thick of arm". Viewing this as excessive, her father Crota ordered her ritually mutilated "in the old way of floods" in order to reduce her to a normal size and strength, and sent a hundred Thrall, ten Knights, and an Ogre to retrieve her. Hashladûn fought off the entire force, but was left exhausted; after that, Crota himself came for her, impressed but unrelenting, and took her to a floodplain deep within the Ascendant plane, where she was impaled and "flooded" five times with various caustic and harmful substances.

After the five inundations, Hashladûn broke free from her impalement, starving, wounded, and much reduced, and crawled back to Crota's throne world. On witnessing her, Crota stated: “You are great now, and you cannot love Me. For the parts of you that were Mine have been taken from you; the parts that were His remain.” With all ties to Crota severed by the floods, and therefore rendered closer to Oryx, Hashladûn was sworn into her grandfather's court much to her father's joy and grief; Knowing that she can never set foot in his court again.

It is largely unknown what role Hashladûn played in her grandfather's court but she was presumed dead by the Guardians since Crota's fall. In truth following the Taken War, she had hid beneath the Lunar surface alongside her sisters Besurith, Kinox, and Voshyr, and plotted their revenge against the Guardians for the deaths of her father, mother, and grandfather. Together, the Daughters of Crota rallied the various Hive broods on the moon into the Hidden Swarm and began construction of the Scarlet Keep, where they conducted experiments at the structure lying beneath the citadel using the forbidden Cryptoglyph.

Unable to accept a world without their King, Hashladûn and her sisters enacted a plot to recreate their deceased grandfather in the form of a phantasmal Nightmare; a necessary violation of the Sword Logic since the Taken King was never succeeded by his killers. While the Hive lacked the ability to bring the Nightmares to reality, they instead opt to use the traumas of Eris Morn and the Guardians that killed Oryx to create the Nightmares in the shape of their worst fears and enemies. Additionally, those Hive princesses believe that they will be able to to resurrect him, fully and truly, just as Oryx did his sisters: by mantling him completely.

Inquisition of the Damned[edit]

As the coven of sisters worked to enact their sinister plot, they were still left to deal with conspirators and contenders for the vacancy of a champion left by their late father. Many of the Hive that still held to the old beliefs in the Sword Logic gave way to gladiatorial combat in the Pit beneath the Keep, though none of the sisters believed any were worthy of their father or grandfather's succession.

Of the greatest contenders was the Knight Zulmak, whose triumphs in the Pit threatened to upend Hashladûn's plans if anointed a new Hive champion by the majority of the Swarm. His reign was swiftly cut short by the Deathsinger Azavath (having committed her own sin of merging with the essence of her Knight brother Akrazul), whom blindly went on to massacre the royal congregation. Taking advantage of the ensuing chaos, Hashladûn and her sisters assassinated those they believe to be a threat to their schemes, leaving Azavath to take the blame and none left to challenge them.

Soon the coven of sisters were greeted by the whispers of a fellow schemer: Savathûn, the Witch-Queen, their great-aunt. She offers her nieces a boon in the essence of the fallen Zulmak, to be raise as a puppet champion for the Swarm, and the Choir, a legendary group of Deathsingers; both as weapons in their upcoming battle against the Guardians.


As the Guardians work with Eris Morn in entering the Pyramid beneath the Scarlet Keep, they encounter Hashladûn at the entrance. There, when the Guardian reaches the bridge to the Keep she appears and enacts her plan. The Guardian chases the Daughter of Crota through the Keep until finally facing her at the top of the spire. There, it is revealed Hashladûn lured the Guardians to her position to finally claim her revenge for her ravaged lineage. Despite her powers and using the Nightmares to her advantage, like her parents, aunts, uncles and grandfather before her, she falls to the Guardian. From her remains, the Guardians found evidence of the Cryptoglyph hidden at the bottom of the Hellmouth.


  • As Hashladûn's health bar nears empty, the green light of her helmet changes to a fiery orange.
  • Hashladûn’s death animation is similar to the death of Nokris, Herald of Xol.
  • Hashladûn is the third largest Wizard the players have encountered, the first being Nokris and the second being Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return.


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