Kruutiks, Reefbane

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Kruutiks, Reefbane
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Kruutiks, Reefbane was a powerful Scorn Raider that featured as one of the final bosses of the Astral Alignment activity, where they attempt to secure the Blind Well for Xivu Arath, God of War.[1] They later took part in the assault on the ritual to remove the Worm of Savathûn, but they were defeated for the final time by the Guardians.[2]


Astral Alignment[edit]

Kruutiks is one of the two weekly-rotating final bosses encountered within the Astral Alignment activity. They bar the Fireteam from completing the realignment of the Ley Lines, assisting the forces of Xivu Arath in taking the Blind Well.

Kruutiks appears in the last encounter of the activity, when the realignment is nearly complete, spawning alongside various Scorn reinforcements. They come armed with a long-ranged Scorn Crossbow to hit their enemies from far away. When a player gets in too close, the boss can charge towards them to swing at them, although they lack ground stomp attack typical of most Ultra. The Raider also possesses an ability of Pirrha, the Rifleman: being able to summon several holographic decoys to confuse their enemies, whilst also providing extra backup for themselves.

The bossfight is divided into three sections. Whenever a third of their health is depleted, Kruutiks will attempt to teleport to another location near the Blind Well and deploy more decoys, along with an Ether Harvester. This device will emit several clouds of Ether, which will heal the boss significantly if you do not shoot them down before they reach them. They will eventually summon in another Harvester when two thirds of their health is depleted. Once the Reefbane has been neutralized, the activity will be completed.


Kruutiks appears alongside Kholks, Taken of Xivu Arath, as a boss in the Exorcism Mission. After Mara Sov and her Techeuns have begun the ritual and Saint-14 has raised his Ward of Dawn, both of Xivu Arath's minions will appear on the two overlooking points in the far corners of the arena. Multiple Taken Blights will materialize throughout the room, before the Raider teleports down to commence the battle. Kruutiks uses the same abilities and tactics they do in Astral Alignment: using a Crossbow to pick off their targets from long distances while utilizing decoys for increased firepower. The boss will also be assisted by numerous Hive forces during the fight, including Barrier Knight Champions.

After half of the Reefbane's health has been depleted, Kholks will come down to assist its ally in destroying the fireteam and the ritual. However, you are not required to completely finish the two off. You need only whittle them down until they have a quarter of their health left, at which point they will teleport back to their original positions, before the final boss emerges from the Blight: Kelgorath, Risen from Bones.



  • Kruutiks' bears a resemblance to the Trickster, while using the skill set and abilities of the Rifleman.

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