Ley Lines

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"Are the Ley Lines natural phenomena, or something the Awoken created?"
"They're naturally occurring paracausal forces that predate the Awoken. The only entities that might know their true origin and makeup are the Nine. But I don't think they're telling.
The Crow and Mara Sov discussing the Ley Lines[1]

Ley Lines are shifting paracausal pathways that can be used to traverse vast distances across both the material world and the Ascendant Realm.


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Queen Mara Sov of the Reef used Ley Lines to expand and build the Awoken's territory. The Dreaming City sat upon a nexus of Ley Lines, with the Blind Well being utilized to charge and stabilize trips through them. Techeuns were trained to navigate Ley Lines with the aid of Wayfinder's Compasses.[2]

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