Kashh'n Pryzus, Starhorse's Treasurer

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Kashh'n Pryzus, Starhorse's Treasurer
Biographical information




Nine's Taken




Taken Ogre

Combat information


Dares of Eternity


ArcS.png Rotten Surge
Rapid Movement
High Durability
KineticS.png Ground Slam
Berserk Mode
SolarS.png Burn


Kashh'n Pryzus, Starhorse's Treasurer is a Taken Ogre that appears in Dares of Eternity as a rare boss at the end of the mission's second encounter.


Kashh'n Pryzus is far more mobile than most Taken ogres, always moving rapidly and bearing strong resistance, similar to a normal Ultra-class enemy. It often attempts to evade contestants while staying near the location where it spawned, in approximately the middle of the arena's far side. As for its tactics, it prioritizes using a Rotten Surge attack at range, but won't hesitate to cast a Temporal Shockwave if overwhelmed. This wave causes a burning effect capable of fending off even strong Guardians, which makes it trickier to defeat.

Once reduced to around 25% health, Kassh'n Pryzus goes berserk, attempting to chase targets and slam them to the ground. Upon defeat, it drops three Treasure Keys, three Strange Coins, a legendary Engram and 2,000 glimmer.


  • Kashh'n Pryzus' name is apparently a rather obvious pun on the phrase Cash and Prizes, which makes sense when considering that Dares of Eternity is much like a game show.


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