Treasure Key

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"Used to access the Queen's Crystal Barrows beneath the Prison of Elders."
— In-game description
Treasure Key

A Treasure Key is a consumable reward. It can used once to open a loot chest in the treasure room that is accessible immediately after completing a Prison of Elders challenge. Prison of Elders loot chests contain randomized loot but consist primarily of Legendary Queen-themed weapons, a chance for an Exotic weapon, and on challenge modes, a chance for Etheric Light.[1]

As of Update 2.2.0, Treasure Keys are no longer required to open the treasure room loot chest after a Prison of Elders match. They can now be consumed for +50 House of Judgment Reputation.

How to Obtain[edit]

  • Complete the House of Wolves story (guaranteed)
  • Opening an Ether Chest (random chance)
  • Opening one of the smaller chests in the Prison of Elders (random chance)
  • Completing the first new Wanted bounty each week (guaranteed)