Three of Coins

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Three of Coins
"Stackable effect that increases the chances the next Ultra you defeat will drop an Exotic Engram."
— Item Description

Three of Coins is a consumable sold by Xûr, Agent of the Nine that improves a player's chances of getting an exotic drop from killing Ultra (boss) enemies in Story missions, Strikes, and Raids.[1] Xûr sells Three of Coins in packs of 5 for 7 Strange Coins.

Activating a Three of Coins applies the buff "Exotic Particles", which increases the chance of an exotic dropping from the next Ultra the player kills or the next Crucible match the player completes. The effect stacks; if an exotic fails to drop after killing an Ultra or completing a match, the player can activate another Three of Coins to double the effect on the next Ultra or match. This can be repeated until an exotic finally drops, after which the stack resets. There is a slight chance that two exotic items will drop while using Three of Coins.

In Destiny 2 Three of Coins is a Legendary Consumable that applies a 4 hour buff to exotic drops in the world and can be purchased from Xûr for 31 Legendary Shards.

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