Skyburners Deployment Codes

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"This must have some use against the Cabal who've already boarded the Dreadnaught."
— In-game description

The Skyburner Deployment Codes can be retrieved by killing the Cabal Ultra summoned with the Skyburners Command Beacon. Only one of these items can be held at a time.



Unlike the Command Beacon the Deployment code only has one terminal.

  • In the Mausoleum heading up the left side to the front entrance of the Cabal ship there is a room right above it. You can use the down structure on the right side of the path to jump up. When you enter the room behind the pillar is the terminal.


  1. The first objectives is clearing out the enemies in the area.
  2. The second varies from scanning specific things in other areas (you might head to the Hall of Souls to the Hull Breach) to surveying battles. You are timed to do this, usually one minute and thirty seconds.
  3. The final task is to clear out a Cabal strike team. (It is in the Founts, no recorded event anywhere else as of yet.) You are also timed on this. One minute and thirty seconds.

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