Hull Breach

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Hull Breach
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Dreadnaught, Saturn's Rings

Enemy factions:

Blood of Oryx

Hostile races:


Connecting areas:

Dantalion Exodus VI
Hall of Souls


Area type:


Public Events:

Enemies Moving Against Each Other

Patrol beacons:



Hull Breach is a location within the Dreadnaught orbiting Saturn. It is the initial spawn point for Patrol activities, which are unlocked after completing the Quest Dread Patrol.

Points of interest[edit]

Guardian Transmat Zone[edit]

The initial spawn point for Guardians venturing into the Dreadnaught for Patrol activities is a small hill on the edge of the area, behind which lies open space. Although no enemies spawn in the area as with other transmat zones, the zone is much closer to enemies than other zones and Guardians may occasionally draw their attention. Directly to the front and right of the zone is a slanted section of jaggedly broken wall; players can ascend the wall to gain a high vantage point over the entire Hull Breach area, as well as collect a Calcified Fragment.

Broken Pillars[edit]

To the left of the Guardian Transmat Zone is a large depression distinguished by many pillars that were bent and broken by the Cabal warship that rammed its way into the Dreadnaught. Loot chests may spawn atop some of the pillars. The area may contain a squad of patrolling Cabal, Hive, or both. The tangle of wreckage and power cables adjacent to the transmat zone obscures a doorway leading into a room beneath the transmat zone which contains a Worm hatchery; the hatchery contains a Calcified Fragment, a locked chest, and from time to time may spawn a standard loot chest.

Cabal Hill[edit]

Centrally located in the Hull Breach is a generally flat-topped hill just outside the entrance to Dantalion Exodus VI. Cabal are usually found on this hill in force, either fending off a Hive offensive or keeping watch. Harvesters frequently drop reinforcements in the middle of the hill, while other squads may spawn from within the Dantalion Exodus VI's entry bay. The hill is where powerful enemies summoned by Skyburners Deployment Codes, Skyburners Command Beacons, and Wormsinger Runes will spawn, including Valus Tau'ugh and Blahgrish. Standard loots chests may appear within or just outside the ship's entry bay, where a Patrol mission beacon can also be found.

Dreadnaught Cabal ship breach.jpg

The Trench[edit]

The border between Cabal and Hive territory in the Hull Breach is generally marked by a trench to the right of the Cabal Hill. On most days, Cabal forces trade shots with Hive over this trench. Guardians can follow the trench itself into a tunnel that leads to the Mausoleum.

Debris Field[edit]

A large area to right of the Guardian Transmat Zone and the Trench, the Debris Field is an uneven piece of terrain usually held by Hive. The area features two Patrol mission beacons, one before the double staircases outside the passage that leads to the Hall of Souls, and one up against the far wall. A small room in the middle of the area is a loot chest and enemy spawn location. Another Worm hatchery, entered via a conspicuous doorway to the right of the Hall of Souls passage, is also a loot chest and enemy spawn location, but contains a locked chest as well. Further down the wall in the direction of the Mausoleum and past the Patrol beacon, Guardians can drop down and enter another small room, but this room features a hole in its left wall that leads to a larger room. Beyond that and through another hole is a warren of Worm tunnels that conceal a standard loot chest spawn location, a locked chest, and even a third room with a Calcified Fragment.

Daily Battlefield Changes[edit]

The Cabal and Hive are locked in an ongoing battle for dominance in the Hull Breach. The state of this battle, the composition of enemy units in the area, and the identity of the plane-shifting Taken that must be killed to power Agonarch Runes, changes from day to day in a week-long rotation.

  • Monday
    • Cabal and Hive forces are holding back. Both sides contest Cabal Hill, the Trench, and the Broken Pillars, but generally fewer troops are involved. The Taken target is Surnon, Darksong, a Wizard.
  • Tuesday
    • The battlefield is mostly unchanged from the day before. The Taken target is Gornith, a Knight.
  • Wednesday
    • Squads of Cabal patrol the area, having temporarily gained the upper hand. Cabal roam the Broken Pillars, Cabal Hill, and the Trench virtually unopposed. The few Hive mounting a resistance are usually confined to the Debris Field and surrounded by Cabal. The Taken target is Purtra, the False Tongue, a Wizard.
  • Thursday
    • Cabal and Hive are evenly matched. The fighting is fiercest at the Trench and on the outskirts of Cabal Hill, where Hive take pot-shots at Cabal from the cover of wreckage. The Taken target is Aarta, a Knight.
  • Friday
    • Hive hold most of the area. The Broken Pillars and Debris Field are free of Cabal, and Cabal Hill is under heavy attack. The Cabal are barely able to hold the Hill and their side of the Trench. The Taken target is a generic Tortured Wizard.
  • Saturday
    • The Hive press the Cabal on all sides, seizing the Trench and deploying heavy reinforcements directly on Cabal Hill via Tombship. The Cabal counter by dropping squads from Harvesters, but one is cut off in the Broken Pillars and beset by a Hive force that includes an Ogre and Wizard. The Taken target is Dakkadi, a Knight.
  • Sunday
    • The Cabal have retaken their side of the Trench, but remain bottled up on Cabal Hill. The Hive hold everywhere else, yet seem content to harass the Cabal rather than go back on the offensive. The Taken target is Gurroth, a Knight.


  • It is possible to summon the Cabal and Hive champions at the same time, and make them fight each other. If one Champion kills the other, the balance of power changes for that day (e.g. The Cabal/Hive cement their position at the Hull Breach).
  • If the Ogre Champion is about to leave without dying, another message will appear saying "The Exalted Hive awaits a challenge".

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