Fleetbase Korus

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"Thuria might be clear, but it's not the problem Korus could become."

Fleetbase Korus was a Cabal military and mining installation on Phobos.


Discovered by Holborn's Host in association with Lord Shaxx and a Redjack fireteam, Fleetbase Korus marks the largest known Cabal orbital defense station in-system. Rumors suggest that the Psion Flayers pulled Phobos out of its natural orbit and locked into Mars' atmosphere, turning it into their base of operations. Reports have the Fleetbase under the command of a triumvirate headed by Primus Ta'aun, and his fleet battalion commanders Valus Tlu'urn and Valus Mau'ual. The Skyburner fleet has yet to be deployed against the City, bringing Zavala the fear that the Cabal have yet to launch their core campaign.

It is the location of the Story mission The Coming War in The Taken King.[1] The Taken War would destroy the base and wipe out the Cabal, forcing any survivors to flee.


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