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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Goliath Tank
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Technical specifications

Other system(s):

Booster Charge
Engine Flames


Heavily Armored


Planet Crackers
Slug Repeaters
Missile Swarms
Flak Cannons
Mine Deployers


Cabal Soldiers



Area Denial


Siege Dancers
Red Legion

"With a few blood-curdling exceptions, the Goliath is the single largest piece of ground-based ordnance the Cabal has deployed in our system."
— Grimoire description

The Goliath Tank is a Cabal super-heavy hovercraft tank.


It is armed with an energy cannon as its main weapon, as well as multiple close-range defenses. It also has the ability to charge at enemies while firing mines. Its wide arsenal, thick armor, and high mobility allow the tank to excel at area denial, crowd control, and suppression at all ranges. The Red Legion also has seemingly two variants of the Goliath Tank at their disposal.


The main turret is a roughly estimated 110 mm artillery cannon that deals Solar damage. It can potentially fire devices titled "planet crackers." They have a considerable range, high velocity, and massive blast radius, and can instantly kill a Guardian upon a direct hit. The Goliath is also outfitted with several machine gun turrets that act as close-range defense weapons, which will shred anyone that steps into their line of fire; they deal Solar damage as well. The machine guns are scattered around the tank. One is located on the main turret and two more are located on the front.[1]

Additionally, there are missile launchers that fire homing rockets, which deal Solar damage. They are fired in clusters like those of a Colossus and deal heavy damage to Guardians unfortunate enough to interrupt their flight path, and occasionally, flak turrets will fire Solar-based explosive shells into the air to strike targets that pass overhead, which also proves to be an effective deterrent.

In addition to all of this fearsome firepower at hand, the Goliath is extremely resistant to conventional weaponry and is also surprisingly mobile. It is powered by four independently firing thrusters on each corner of the tank for locomotion, and give the tank two extra attacks: the tank will either charge while deploying mines that can detonate prematurely, or send out a jet of energy at players, who get knocked back and get the "Burning" debuff. However, each of these thrusters is a weak spot; although once the thruster catches on fire, they take less precision damage than one that isn't on fire.

When in storage or maintenance, Goliaths can "stand" on their primary thrusters or "wheels", allowing for convenient storage and access to systems on the vehicle's underside.


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