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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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The Praetorate is a class of military aristocracy within the Cabal Empire.


According to Emperor Calus, the Praetorate's strength was rooted in their control over the Cabal's Legions, which lacked citizenship within the Empire and were used to protect and enrich their Praetorate masters. Calus viewed the Praetorate as corrupt and parasitic, and led a purge of them early on in his reign as Cabal Emperor, seizing the Praetorate's vast accumulated wealth for redistribution and giving the Legions the rights of citizens. Even so, some members of his new government were ex-Praetorate. Adeile Moli Imoli, formerly the "Colossus of Bru'unth," was once a loyal soldier responsible for slaughtering many of Calus's supporters. Evocate-General Umun’arath was likewise a veteran of the Legions, but she held on to old beliefs of military predominance.

The Consul, who had benefited from the Praetorate's favor before Calus's purge, devised a plan to restore them to power. He influenced Ghaul into leading a successful coup against Calus. While the Praetorate hoped to regain its previous stature by using Ghaul as a puppet, Ghaul proved more strong-willed than they had predicted. Eventually, even the Praetorate learned to fear Ghaul and follow his decrees.[1]


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