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Moli Imoli
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Colossus of Bru'unth
The Celebrant





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Red Legion




Colossus (formerly)

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Chief of Festivals for the Cabal Empire
Participated in Ghaul's coup


Aedile Moli Imoli, the Everjoy was Legion Colossus who supported the Praetorate against Calus. After Calus became Emperor, Moli Imoli left the military and became an Aedile, organizing holidays and celebrations throughout the Empire in honor of the Emperor. However, he later betrayed Calus by supporting Dominus Ghaul's coup. He was later killed by Rull, a Shadow that Calus sent to kill Iska'al.


During Calus' campaign to overthrow the Praetorate, Moli was among the Legionaries dispatched to deal with his supporters. He slaughtered hundreds of republicans by driving them into the sea and massacred citizens who supported Calus. However, once Calus gained power, Moli left the Legions and served Calus as an Aedile, swearing off violence and dedicated himself to keeping the people happy so no more uprisings would occur. Amongst the many celebrations he created and organized was Resignation Day, on the anniversary of when Calus took power.[1]

Despite his new postion, Moli continued to conspire against Calus, as Calus' mood swings began to become so violent and possessive to the point Moli started to fear for his life. He joined The Consul and Primus Ghaul of the Red Legion in plotting to overthrow the Emperor. After the coup succeeded and Calus was exiled aboard The Leviathan, Moli used his position as Aedile to keep the populace in line and prevent a revolt due to Calus' popularity. For this betrayal, Calus marked Moli for death and wished for him to die upon one of the holidays he himself created.[1]

While visiting the estate of the merchant Iska'al on the Cabal homeworld during Celebration Day, Moli walked in on the merchant being murdered by Rull, a Clipse warrior who served Calus as a Shadow.[2] Rull fired a harpoon from his staff into Moli's flank, badly wounding him. Panicking and howling in pain, Moli fled from the estate and ran as fast as he could through the streets of the Cabal capital. However, Rull was dragged behind him by a rope attached to the harpoon. Reaching the site of a ceremony honoring Ghaul, Moli collapsed at the feet of the Dominus himself. Rull removed the harpoon and drove it through Moli's neck, killing him, but the assassin was quickly cut down by Ghaul and his guards.[3]

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