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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Other name(s):

The Confidante







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Emperor Calus (formerly)
Dominus Ghaul

Notable info:

Had close confidence with Emperor Calus
Was killed by Rull


Iska'al of Fantor was a merchant in the Cabal empire. He was often visited by Emperor Calus who would partake in his tea and share information that he felt he could trust Iska'al with. He later betrayed Calus as he participated in the coup led by Ghaul.


Iska'al was a poor merchant, who sold teas and invited Calus to confide in him. Calus believed Iska'al to be trustworthy - and thus told him his deepest concerns. Calus was wrong. After the Midnight Coup, he became wealthy selling teas to the soldiers of the Red Legion - who would insult him, calling him the Imperial informant as though he would send word to Calus. Calus held a vendetta against him due to his inaction; he believed so strongly in the pure value of the individual he perceived inaction (when any dissent would have resulted in his death) to be a form of treason. Despite this, he proscribed he should be killed by an overdose of opiates - so that he could die in ecstasy.

During a celebration, one of Calus's assassins, Rull, snuck into his estate. Iska'al attempted to crawl away as his guards were killed in front of him. In the end, Iska'al was drowned by a goblet of Calus' own wine.

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