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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Gun of the Kaga Clipse

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Slayer of Iska'al


Rull, Gun of Kaga Clipse was a Shadow recruited by Emperor Calus to aid Calus in getting revenge against those whose had overthrown him during Ghaul's coup.


Rull was a Shadow, an assassin whose purpose was to aid Calus in the process of killing those who had overthrown him in the coup lead by Ghaul. Calus invaded Rull's homeworld and had sent Valus Nohr to lead the war effort by invading the moon Kaga-Clipse. Near the climax of the war between Calus and the Clipse, Rull was a part of a team that was to storm the Leviathan. In the end, he was the only one to make it to the throne room alive where the Emperor casually offered him refreshment and alliance. Rull accepted, but was forced to sign an agreement in which he selected a fraction of the Clipse population to be given manufactured archologies to live in and be free from the hundred years of strife that had engulfed their homeworld. However, the rest of the Clipse were exterminated by the captured guns of Kaga-Clipse, rendering their homeworld uninhabitable.[1]

Rull's first assignment as a Shadow was to go to Torobatl to kill Iska'al of Fantor. He was given fine wines in order for him to barter his way into a celebration being orchestrated by Aedile Moli Imoli. He later finds Iska's estate and killed all of his guards before drowning Iska in wine while delivering the following message from Calus: "Emperor Calus has not forgotten you". Immediately after killing Iska; Moli, The Celebrant, walks into the courtyard hoping to visit Iska but instead comes upon Rull and the corpse of Iska. Rull sees this as an opportunity to take out two targets in one fell swoop. He shoots a harpoon into Moli's backside, who runs out into the streets, all whilst Rull is being dragged along with him. The citizens who saw this were either dumbstruck or unsure of what to do. Moli manages to make it to Ghaul, before collapsing at his feet. Rull then proceeds to retrieve his spear from Moli's back, and pierces his neck, killing him. Before his death Rull managed to pull off his helmet and smile in the face of the Dominus.

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